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7 Practices that Make Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

27 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

When an attacker penetrates an organization’s computer network and lays hold of institutional or personal data, the effects can be devastating. A company is likely to lose any of the following in the wake of a breach: reputation, time spent dealing.


Facebook ‘Missed Call’ Ads – Innovative or Useless?

21 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

The phrase ‘missed call’ sounds pretty self-explanatory i.e someone tried to call you, you couldn’t pick it up for whatever reason and the call was missed. For the people of India, however, the phrase means something completely different. So different in fact that.


What’s the difference Between Privacy and Censorship?

20 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

The internet never forgets. You might have happily published those drunken pictures on social networks during your university days, those candid moments with your ex before you got married to someone else and those revolutionary views about the changing the world.


Gamifying your Marketing Effort

14 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

With the recent advent of the smartphone, there is no denying the fact that marketing has been transformed on a grand scale. The explosion of numerous apps and the constant bombardment of advertisements through people’s phones have opened up a world.