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How To Overcome Common Mistakes And Errors In Data Analysis?


Data entry tasks tend to be low on the totem pole regarding business operational priorities. However, data entry is still one of the most critical day-to-day operations for companies across the industry. Everything from customer and sales data to financial information relies heavily on data entry, meaning a single error can have huge ramifications for your company. Fortunately, there are many...

What Is The Role Of Analytics In Ecommerce Industry?


The ecommerce industry has been growing exponentially for the past five years and it is expected that a huge part of the global market will move onto the internet by the end of 2020. In the year 2014, the global net ecommerce sales was worth a value of about 1.3 trillion US dollars and that reached a peak of 2.3 trillion in 2017. The projected value of the same in 2018 is about 2.8 trillion US...

How To Get A Static IP Address In Windows 10?


There are few questions which must be answered before we proceed to our main topic how to get static IP address. If you are already familiar with these questions, well & good if not go through these before proceeding to the main topic for complete understanding. One must know; What is the static IP address? Every computer user whether he or she is using in home or office has two IP addresses...

8 biggest mistakes we have ever seen in Marketing


People make mistakes in daily life as well as in business. These have been a teacher of men, which take them to success. However, sometimes these mistakes cost more than we can imagine. If we talk about daily life a little mistake can take a beautiful, while in business it may cost million dollar losses. These mistakes are referred to be the biggest mistakes. Here in this article 8 biggest...

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