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How Attackers Try to Steal Privileged Credentials

18 August 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

The Many Unique Ways Attackers Hacks into your Privileged Credentials Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content, social engineering, brute force attack…the list is endless when it comes to the types of practices attackers deploy to hack your credential to.


Is your TV spying on you?

29 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

When everything around us is turning Smart, then why not our televisions? However, the concept of Smart TV is not new to the world but the kind of features and services that it offers to its’ viewers is surely recommendable. Unlike.


How To Minimize Threats Inside Your Network?

27 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

The Threat Of Insider Lapses And Attacks Among the security threats that organizations face every day, few are as dangerous or as little understood as those arising from within the organization. It is easy to focus on the threat of external.


Researchers Use Ridesharing Cars To Sniff Out A Secret Spying Tool

20 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

Finding Stingrays Using SeaGlass In Ridesharing Cars Researchers at a U.S. university have revealed information about a secret spying tool widely adopted by police organizations to spy on civilians. The two researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle recruited the.