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Researchers Use Ridesharing Cars To Sniff Out A Secret Spying Tool

20 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

Finding Stingrays Using SeaGlass In Ridesharing Cars Researchers at a U.S. university have revealed information about a secret spying tool widely adopted by police organizations to spy on civilians. The two researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle recruited the.


DNS Is Still the Achilles Heel of the Internet

12 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

Standing for domain name services, the DNS is actually an internet service which translates the alphabetic domain names into machine based IP addresses. Domain names are kind of naming system which is used to address various web servers and web pages..


Understanding WannaCry: Top Ways to Counter the Ransomware risk

30 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

Friday, May 12: WannaCry knocks! Friday, May 12 seemed to be another typical day for most people as they began their day crazily waiting for a fun-filled weekend; but as the day progressed; many companies across the world realized most part.


Facebook ‘Missed Call’ Ads – Innovative or Useless?

21 June 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

The phrase ‘missed call’ sounds pretty¬†self-explanatory¬†i.e someone tried to call you, you couldn’t pick it up for whatever reason and the call was missed. For the people of India, however, the phrase means something completely different. So different in fact that.