Difference between Dedicated Proxy and Semi Dedicated Proxy


There are various types of proxies available out there, from private/dedicated to shared proxies. Although the working of all the types of proxies remains the same, they are very different from each other. Let’s understand how exactly a proxy works before diving into their different types: Proxy is usually known as a middleman or in a more technical term, “interface” between the home and global...

The Best Sales Pitch Isn’t a Pitch at All


Why is the Best Sales Pitch Isn’t a Pitch at All? :- The best strategy for seizing the sales is to know: sales pitch should not really be a pitch at all. The secret is to be yourself for every new deal. The traditional, frequently used sales pitches are very boring and often annoying as well. Instead of using the same traditional way, you should follow a strategy using which you should be...

Everything You Need To Know About Counter Strike Global Offensive Esports


Counter strike is one of the most played games which is also available online. Initially, launched for Windows in 2000, it has now seen almost 8 versions, with the main version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released in 2012. When it was first launched, it was actually an enhancement of a game called “Half Life” and was developed by Minh Le and Jeff Cliffe. After that the rights to the game was...

Top 10 Most Popular Esports Games In 2018


With gaming being made a profession, the world has witnessed a high increase in number of gamers around every corner. This is not because you get paid or you become famous, gaming is a passion. If you Google, “ How to become a pro gamer” it will give you 100s and 1000s of links as tutorials, but do you really think that will help you? Definitely not. Professional Gaming has become an industry...

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