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The Difference Between Residential IP and Datacenter IP Proxies

10 March 2017 jessica marks no responses

If you’re familiar with the world of proxies enough, you know the difference between public proxies and private proxies, free proxies and paid proxies, and residential proxies and datacenter proxies. If you’re not familiar with it, you can visit this link.


Getting the right Proxy for effective SEO

7 March 2017 jessica marks no responses

  SEO is perhaps the most important factor determining the success rate of almost every website on the World Wide Web. It therefore goes without saying that getting your SEO right should be the first item on your list of things.


Cloudflare Leak: What You Can Do to Secure Your Data

4 March 2017 jessica marks no responses

About a week ago, Cloudflare discovered a bug in its code that caused sensitive data leakage from some of the major websites using their services. It is believed that personal data of users around the world had been leaking for almost.


Proxies Authorization: Username/password Authentication Or Ip Authentication which one is secure?

2 March 2017 jessica marks no responses

Private proxies are a way to secure your safety and anonymity on the web. However, they’re also not bullet-proof to security issues. Even though you bought a private proxy, you need to protect it to make sure that you are the.