What are the features of Incognito mode?


Browsers these days come with the incognito mode that is promoted for users to browse privately. This feature is called Private Browsing under Mozilla Firefox, however, this shouldn’t delude you to believe that your private browsing is held at most rectitude. The fact is incognito mode can only help you avoid some low-level tracking and does not serve the purpose of being online in total...

How to maintain Phone Privacy


Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. If we just sit back and think as to how mobile phones have affected our daily life, we will be stumped. This is exactly what I did and at the end, I really had a long list. This list will vary from person to person but I can guarantee that we all use our phone for tasks like banking, shopping, texting and browsing. The reason I highlighted these...

What are the Steps to Prevent Phishing Attacks?


What is a Phishing Attack? A phishing email is distinct from a spam email. It is usually sent as an attempt to trick recipients into divulging confidential information relating to financial data or any other personal information. A spam email, on the other hand, is mainly used as part of advertising campaigns. What does it involve? First, the phishing email is sent to a number of target...

What Is The New Attack Method Delivers Malware via Mouse Hover?


In the past, we have known clicking on malicious links or opening spam emails as the major way of distributing malware. But today, a new way of malware attacks has been discovered. Hackers and spammers are infecting computers by the Mouse hovering over a power point presentation. Trend Macro, a company offering IT security solutions, has discovered this latest form of attack. The company...

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