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FBI: 8 Steps to Prevent Phishing Attacks

18 October 2017 Ralph Harper no responses

What is a Phishing Attack? A phishing email is distinct from a spam email. It is usually sent as an attempt to trick recipients into divulging confidential information relating to financial data or any other personal information. A spam email, on.


New Attack Method Delivers Malware via Mouse Hover

14 October 2017 Ralph Harper no responses

In the past, we have known clicking on malicious links or opening spam emails as the major way of distributing malware. But today, a new way of malware attacks has been discovered. Hackers and spammers are infecting computers by the Mouse.


Is your TV spying on you?

29 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

When everything around us is turning Smart, then why not our televisions? However, the concept of Smart TV is not new to the world but the kind of features and services that it offers to its’ viewers is surely recommendable. Unlike.