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Everything You Need To Know About Encryption

22 October 2017 Ralph Harper no responses

You have probably heard about encryption thanks to Whatsapp which recently rolled out an ‘end-to-end encryption and went ahead to become one of the largest platform offering secure messaging for over a billion users globally. Encryption is the scrambling of information.


How End-User Devices Get Hacked: 8 Easy Ways

19 October 2017 Ralph Harper no responses

Whenever consumers and businesses get faced with the challenge of scammers, the most reliable strategies are usually not the most complicated ones. Individuals who hack systems seeking for data, funds or access do not require sophisticated techniques because the already standard.


Businesses Running Outdated Operating Systems are taking a Huge Risk of Data Breaches

17 October 2017 Ralph Harper no responses

The recent WannaCry attack has highlighted the security risk involved in the use of out of date and unsupported operating systems and software. In their recent research, Bitsight, a security ratings company, has confirmed that the use of out of date computer.


Is your TV spying on you?

29 July 2017 Pavithra Shetty no responses

When everything around us is turning Smart, then why not our televisions? However, the concept of Smart TV is not new to the world but the kind of features and services that it offers to its’ viewers is surely recommendable. Unlike.