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How to set up NGINX Reverse Proxy?


Introduction To understand the concept and functionality of a NGINX reverse proxy there are a few things that are to be known first. Among those, understanding the operation of a proxy server, getting a basic idea of reverse proxies, and a few other things are paramount. Otherwise, setting up a NGINX reverse proxy would be next to impossible. So here are a few primary things that should help in...

How To Lower Ping in Online Games?


Online gamers frequently complain of interruptions or poor quality gaming experience which results due to a higher ping. Ping is a measurement of network latency between the game server and the gaming computer, and it can result in gaming lag and recurring disconnections. However there are a number of solutions out there for lowering ping in order to enjoy smoother, trouble-free gameplay, from...

How To Fix High Pings in Window 8 and Windows 10?


According to Digital Trends, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are two of the most intricately coded operating systems. They have a number of features that require a lot of system resources counteracted by the latency iteration of Windows 10. It also has some efficient built-in features that maximize the cumulative efficiency. What Is a Ping and Why Does It Need To Be Low? A ping is referred to a kind of...

What is Proxy Server And How It Works?


A proxy server is most commonly referred to as a “proxy”, and it is primarily a computer or a software system that acts as a gateway or intermediary between a local network and another network or server that is much larger than the local network. Almost always, this larger network is the internet, and when a user sends a request to the internet (i.e. attempts to access a website), the request...

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