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Proxies Authorization: Username/password Authentication Or Ip Authentication which one is secure?

2 March 2017 jessica marks no responses

Private proxies are a way to secure your safety and anonymity on the web. However, they’re also not bullet-proof to security issues. Even though you bought a private proxy, you need to protect it to make sure that you are the.


Free Proxy vs Paid Proxy, Why Paid Proxies are better than Free Proxies

27 February 2017 jessica marks no responses

To answer the question about which is better among free proxy and paid proxy, we will review the case of both. However, if you think about it instinctively, you will find that you can answer the question yourself. Quite like all.


How to Hide My Public IP Address? And Why ?

10 February 2017 jessica marks no responses

Let’s say I am one of those people who does not know how to hide my IP address and yet want to do so for a number of different reasons. Hiding an IP is not uncommon among internet users and is.


How to earn Online reputation using Private Proxies

20 January 2017 jessica marks no responses

It is nowadays common to find many businesses running Facebook pages, blogs, and several other review material sites. What part do these play in the social media business? Are you aware that Google and most search engines watch what you do.