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Top 5 Ways To Get Paid To Play Video Games In 2018


Gaming is not limited to just for recreational purpose only. Most of the people around the world are earning millions by playing video games. Some use gaming for entertainment while some as a stress buster. However, people who have embraced gaming as a profession are required to keep themselves technologically equipped all the time. Apart from owning a system with the latest processor, high-speed...

Top 10 Best Ad Blockers For Android


Ads!! Do you hate them? Well, we hate them too. Something that most of us hate, something that drastically affects our web browsing experience. There was a time when ads were limited to desktops and laptops only. But Android, being a Google product inherits all those irritating ads pop-ups to smartphones. Before we dig in deeper you must be thinking why there are a lot of ads everywhere when most...

Step By Step Guide To Change IP Address On Android


Heard a lot about Internet Protocol for computers? Do mobile phones also carry IP addresses? The answer is YES! Because IP is used to identify your internet connection, also if your devices is the computer or smartphone. Internet protocol has been evolved over many years. In this article, we will discuss Internet Protocol version 4 mostly called IPv4. IPv4  is a form of IP address that usually...

Difference Between Big Data Vs Data Science Vs Data Analytics


Data Analytics Data Analytics or DA involves the process of extracting from raw data. A Data Analyst examines a set of data with the help of specialised tools and draws valuable information from the data. Data Analytics aids various commercial industries, scientists and researchers to make more informed decisions. Researchers & scientists mostly use them to verify or disprove scientific...

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