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Everything You Need To Know About Counter Strike Global Offensive Esports


Counter strike is one of the most played games which is also available online. Initially, launched for Windows in 2000, it has now seen almost 8 versions, with the main version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released in 2012. When it was first launched, it was actually an enhancement of a game called “Half Life” and was developed by Minh Le and Jeff Cliffe. After that the rights to the game was...

Top 5 Widely Used Statistical Data Analysis Techniques In 2018


Statistics is a section of mathematics which includes wide variety of terms and methods used for calculations and analysis to find the nature of a given data and the relation between the sets of data. In this age of growing and increasing information, data is increasing at a very fast rate making people wonder what can be done with it. However, with the commencement of Big data, analysts and...

How To Become A Data Analyst With No Experience In 2018?


In this rapidly expanding digital world, new technologies and associated roles are appearing at a rate that education system is not able to revamp its syllabus parallelly. One such technology is Data Science and the associated role is Data Analyst. Most of the computer-related graduation courses are currently not offering Data Analytics as a major subject. As a result, most of the Data Analysts...

Voice Search SEO – Steps To Create Voice Search Optimization Strategy


Few things about voice search:- Voice search was just a technical fun element when it was released. Did you forget noob virtual assistant Siri and its hilarious answers to even very simple questions?  Time has changed and so has changed the voice search. Today, voice search is no longer a noob, it has improved a lot. People who used to run away from using voice assistants are now asking voice...

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