The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots for Lead Generation


Chatbots in today’s world Chatbot is currently used by most people on instant messaging application for better marketing strategy and to help the growth of business. Many are using chatbots for better customer service, increasing sales and improved marketing. Some people have had great and wonderful experiences when interacting with chatbots. This depends on how simple and interactive the bots...

How to Use B2B SEO to Generate High-Quality Leads?


Has SEO become ineffective in generating high quality B2B leads? Many businesses think that this is so. There is just too much competition going around and it is next to impossible to generate B2B leads through content. More and more businesses are finding it hard to find the perfect SEO strategy that will help them in generating leads. In this article, we will explore how to make SEO for B2B...

How to balance traffic without server getting crashed?


Balancing traffic on a website or on a network plays a very important role in protecting the server from crashing. Increase in traffic leads to increment in the pressure on the data servers. Overloading may result in the servers getting crashed. Traditional web applications had single servers that could not handle requests from clients efficiently. They were poor performers that could not handle...

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