Impact of Edward Snowden on the World


An American citizen named Edward Snowden gave away information that contained documents from the National Security Agency to a journalist from The Guardian in June 2013. The documents were concerned with domestic spying of the people all over the world by the US officials. The newspaper revealed several documents on how the USA deployed a clandestine surveillance program called PRISM. This...

Can you Protect your Online Life while Travelling?


After working for almost a year in your cubicle, the first thing that comes to your mind is taking a break. Going on a vacation is a great way to relax and spend time with your loved ones. In this digital age where you do not have to go looking for a travel agent in your neighbourhood, it very simple to find an ideal vacation package online. Although things seem to be very simple these days, the...

How to maintain Phone Privacy


Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. If we just sit back and think as to how mobile phones have affected our daily life, we will be stumped. This is exactly what I did and at the end, I really had a long list. This list will vary from person to person but I can guarantee that we all use our phone for tasks like banking, shopping, texting and browsing. The reason I highlighted these...

5 Myths About Socks Proxies


Most of us have heard about proxy recently because this technology is in the limelight due to the ongoing war between internet users and government, ISPs and even tech giants like Google and Apple. I say war because it literally is, we are trying to protect our privacy, have freedom and equality on the internet. You can even call this as a modern form of the freedom struggle. Proxies were not...

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