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Am I a Target for Online Price Discrimination?


When you hear from your friend that the flight ticket is priced at $250, you quickly visit the retailer’s website but you find that the same ticket is priced at $300. Now, how is this possible? A study published by Northeastern University in 2014 reports that nine out of 16 major online retail and travel websites are charging customers personalized prices based on the buyer’s online profiles...

How To Stream Netflix and YouTube From Any Country Using Proxies


The two most popular online video streaming platform in the world are, without a doubt, Netflix and YouTube. Statistics says that YouTube has 1.3 billion users worldwide, and around 5 billion videos are watched on the video streaming platform every day. Netflix, meanwhile, is saying that they have around 104 million subscribers around the globe. These numbers are pretty impressive, and they only...

What are the features of Incognito mode?


Browsers these days come with the incognito mode that is promoted for users to browse privately. This feature is called Private Browsing under Mozilla Firefox, however, this shouldn’t delude you to believe that your private browsing is held at most rectitude. The fact is incognito mode can only help you avoid some low-level tracking and does not serve the purpose of being online in total...

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