The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing


Are you thinking of using Instagram Influencer marketing for your business? Well, it’s the right time to go for it. Implementing this into your Instagram marketing strategy will result in increased brand awareness along with significant growth in your follower base while driving your sales upward. Before opting for Instagram Influencer Marketing, let’s know a bit about Instagram’s new...

Ultimate Guide for Google Retargeting


Google AdWords is considered as one of the top advertising platforms in the remarketing game. With AdWords, a user gets multiple ways to approach his website visitors and target them with various formats of ads. With AdWords, you can target your users in their YouTube videos, search results, email inbox, and display placements. With AdWords, it’s easy to retarget your audience. In this article...

How to skyrocket your social media marketing efforts with proxies


After seeing the popularity of Facebook I didn’t think that there would be any social media platform that could sustain the competition from Facebook. Of course, I was proved wrong by Instagram, a name that we all have surely heard of. Even Facebook saw a huge market with Instagram and bought it in 2012 for  $1,000,000,000 In terms of statics, Instagram has over 800 million users all over the...

How to maintain Phone Privacy


Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. If we just sit back and think as to how mobile phones have affected our daily life, we will be stumped. This is exactly what I did and at the end, I really had a long list. This list will vary from person to person but I can guarantee that we all use our phone for tasks like banking, shopping, texting and browsing. The reason I highlighted these...

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