WPA3 is coming this year to enhance Wifi router security


As you all know the security is the most important concern for all of us in this digital world. But do you really know that there are different forms of security features? Well, let’s discuss the most important feature you use, it is the WPA. Wifi Protected Access in short WPA is one of the most important aspects of Wifi devices/routers. If you are using a Wifi device you will notice the...

Researchers Use Ridesharing Cars To Sniff Out A Secret Spying Tool


Finding Stingrays Using SeaGlass In Ridesharing Cars Researchers at a U.S. university have revealed information about a secret spying tool widely adopted by police organizations to spy on civilians. The two researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle recruited the drivers of an unnamed ridesharing app for the research. What they ended up discovering was that in Seattle federal...

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