5 Myths About Socks Proxies


Most of us have heard about proxy recently because this technology is in the limelight due to the ongoing war between internet users and government, ISPs and even tech giants like Google and Apple. I say war because it literally is, we are trying to protect our privacy, have freedom and equality on the internet. You can even call this as a modern form of the freedom struggle. Proxies were not...

What is Socks 5 & What are the advantages of using Socks 5 Proxies


We all strive to achieve greater security and anonymity on the internet and SOCKS5 is exactly a significant step forward on this quest. What is SOCKS5? Before explaining the SOCKS5 term, let’s see what SOCKS is first. SOCKS is an abbreviation from the term Socket Secure. It is responsible for exchanging packets on the network that are being sent and received between the server and the client...

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