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Web Scraping? The Differences Between Browser Automation Tools


Automation tools are developed to make testing activities including web scraping easier and more accurate. To some people, web scraping may sound dubious, but a lot of organizations actually do it for several legitimate purposes. Some of the reasons that you may want to scrape the web are: Gather contact information: Thousands of websites contain phone numbers and email addresses, and a web...

Does DNS Test Leak My Real IP Address?


More than 50% of people who use privacy tools such as VPNs and proxy servers on their laptops or personal computers do so in order to access better entertainment, while 35% of them are motivated by the need for online anonymity and privacy. This is according to’s 2018 survey results. Aside from these top two reasons, the study also cited the following motivations for VPN and proxy...

Crawling vs. Scraping


There are many ways to gain information or data from the internet. Of those many ways, two of the most popular ones are namely web crawling (or data crawling) and data scraping (or web scraping). Although you might often hear people using the terms almost interchangeably, the reality is far from this misconception. While both web crawling and data scraping are essential methods of retrieving...

How your Competitive Advantage is Directly related to your Proxy Service?


The online market is a very aggressive trade in today’s world. When you check out the price of any products, you will see a drastic variation in the prices depending on a few parameters like the website you are on, the country you are checking them from, the type of commodity being sold and how frequently you visit the same site. You can even be fed false data depending on your online...

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