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15 Best Sales CRM Software for 2020


You are here because of two reasons, either your current CRM software isn’t keeping you happy or you’re new to the CRM concept but are scared to continue further.

Either way, you have reached the right place to resolve your CRM related queries.

In this article, you are going to know everything you need to know about ‘CRM and its solutions’.

From exploring the basics to finding the right CRM softwares for your business, we have got you covered.

All you need to do right now is scroll below and identify which CRM software fits your business and get started on it.

Let’s get you on the tour.

Table of Contents:

1 . What do you mean by CRM?

2. Why your CRM investment needs to be the best?

3. Top 15 CRM Softwares your business needs to invest in 2020

What do you mean by ‘CRM’?

Let’s brush on the basics for a better understanding of this article.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a convenient solution that can make managing your leads and other work activities a whole lot easier. So instead of you having to conduct a few tasks manually which is repetitive frequently, a CRM can help you conduct those same tasks in an automated manner. 

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So basically in simple words, CRM shifts your attention towards your brand growth more rather than completing/updating or conducting tasks half the time. 

Let’s understand its value even more.

Why your CRM investment needs to be the best?

1. Can help to conduct work quicker

When you have all your repetitive work taken care of, don’t you think that you have time for other tasks to be completed? This means that a lot of your tasks can go under the ‘Completed’ section. Since CRM’s are automated, you have half of your work done in real-time. So whatever remaining tasks you have, your focus can shift there which makes you achieve the goals on time. 

2. Easy way to identify your audience and communicate accordingly

Wouldn’t it be great if you had details about your prospects right in front of you with all the prospect’s patterns? This can help you take the next steps with each of them. For instance, if you know that two leads are in the warm stage and according to their actions, they want to explore your brand, your next steps would be to nurture them.

Since your CRM has such vital information, it becomes easy to identify what needs to be done next, and then when you are able to assist your leads accordingly, that is when closing sales deals become more effective and easy.

3. Tracks all your work in one place

Move away from post it, papers, and other materials that have high chances of being lost or thrown. Your prospect details matter and as your business starts to grow, saving all the information of each prospect can be tedious and time-consuming on an excel sheet. It’s time to be wise and spend more time finding all the details you need which are why CRM’s existence is necessary.

It gives you all the information in just one single click. Everything you need to know is right in front of you, isn’t that easy?

4. Let’s you focus on closing deals

When you have all the information stored in one place, your repetitive work being taken care of, don’t you believe that your actual action at the moment would be to convert more leads? The focus would lie on this because you have a CRM that is taking care of each and everything. It’s time you do the same, switch to a better CRM software that lets you work efficiently.

5. Keeps your prospects engaged

Since you have the quality information in hand with reference to your prospects, it becomes easy to connect and engage with your prospects. For instance, when you realize that out of 10, there are 4 prospects that require nurturing, with the help of their behaviour patterns, you can conduct such actions that will entice them to be drawn towards you more.

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This can help you not to miss out on any leads and immediately improvise or eliminate certain actions accordingly. 

Now that we have brushed you with the basics, the next step would be to help you find the right CRM softwares which matches your business requirements.

Let’s get started. 

Top 15 CRM Softwares your business needs to invest in 2020

1. Salesforce

Source: Adamenfroy

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that is quite popular in the market today. It’s CRM solution offers multiple vital services with reference to sales, marketing, analytics, and even more. It’s customizable CRM has helped multiple brands to sell faster which is another factor why you need to give Salesforce a try. 


1 . Gives you the opportunity to view whatever information you want to see first

2. With visual workflow, you can easily drag and drop and even share files or updates

3. Gives you the opportunity to manage sales tasks better so that you can set goals and work on achieving them better

4. Provides the option of contact management, where every communication will be tracked no matter which platform

5. Provides another option called opportunity management where deals can be closed quickly and easily by identifying the right opportunities to conduct the action


1 . Conducts lead management tactics with the help of business intelligence and salesforce automation

2. Provides multiple third-party integrations for any tools you like

3. It is a cloud-hosted CRM which means it isn’t expensive to invest on and it is faster in its performance


1 . For companies wishing for on-premise deployment, this CRM solution cannot be the right fit for them

2. One communication medium isn’t supported by this CRM Software which is a live chat


There are different prices for different sectors which you can view on their website according to their needs. For instance, if you choose ‘Sales cloud pricing’, the cost is Essentials- $25/month, Professional- $75/month, Enterprise- $150/month, and Unlimited- $300/month.

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2. FreshSales

Freshsales is another AI-based CRM software whose focus lies more on lead scoring, email activities, and more. One of the finest features of Freshsales is that it helps users receive a complete 360-degree view of their business. With its CRM solutions, they help their users to conduct all their activities in one place, improve selling and eliminate the need for multiple tools to conduct one action.


1 . Provides Lead management solutions to convert more prospects into sales leads

2. Offers Smart forms service so that when a lead fills out the form, they are automatically saved in the database as a lead

3. Conducts Auto lead assignment where the CRM will allow the leads to choose the salesperson automatically

4. With this AI-based CRM solution you can easily score and rank leads and also understand and identify which leads will most likely make a purchase

5. With the Deal management feature, you can easily understand where the deal is present in the sales process. This is crucial because it supports your actions of managing and organizing the leads in the process so that conversions can take place without any hassle.


1 . Conducts lead segmentation based on the prospects behaviour patterns

2. Offers better mobile CRMS along with the mobile app

3. Gives users a better experience with the CRM Software through high-level automation and intelligent workflows


1 . The customer support is only on the weekdays. So in case if you have an issue on the weekends, you have no choice but to wait

2. If you are new to this CRM Software, it can be difficult to get started


Blossom- $10.54/month, Garden- $23.73/month, Estate- $42.19/month, Forest- $76.49/month

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3. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is another popular CRM Software that you can use to conduct multiple activities such as increasing conversion rates, trekking essential sales opportunities, and more. Zoho CRM ensures that you don’t miss out on any leads and can connect to each and every one of them no matter the location.


1 . With the Sales enablement feature you can generate price quotes and get a hold of sales scripts easily

2. With the Process management feature, sales teams can now get a closer look at every sales route and processes with the help of sales builder and processing rules

3. Zoho CRM offers help to users with reference to multiple other tasks such as sales forecasting and more so that the revenue being spent is of good use

4. Provides Advanced CRM analytics so that integrating the data and driving insights from it becomes easier

5. Provides AI-Powered Sales Assistant to help sales teams make better decisions on the basis of customer profiles 


1. Provides data security measures, regulatory compliance

2. Offers more than 100 third party integrations

3. Paid users receive a mobile version of this CRM Software


1 . For those who are new to the software, getting started can be a hassle

2. The import option isn’t available for emails or web browser during the time of registration


Standar- $14.26/month, Professional- $23.77/month, Enterprise- $35.66/month, Ultimate- $36.98/month

TrustRadius Ratings:


4. Nimble

Nimble is another great CRM Software that focuses on providing a simple and easy CRM solution for Office 365 and G suite teams. Ensuring that no setup process is required to get started, this CRM solution ensures that it can ‘’build itself for you.’’ It offers multiple feature options that are helpful in your workflow actions such as management of deals within the workflows, updating contacts and so much more.


1. Let’s you stay on top of every sale funnel with the help of an efficient Pipeline management

2. Has a Reminder feature so that every work is completed on time and alerts can help you never miss out on any task

3. Enhances your organization skills by categorizing your contacts information into lists so that the actions can be conducted accordingly

4. With the Relationship management feature, you can now take control of communications and inboxes and also appointments

5. With the Live profile feature, you can easily access contact records to quickly identify contact information and engagement history


1 . Provides a ‘Group message’ feature so that it becomes easier to engage with multiple users

2. Sends group emails so that engagement of a larger audience can take place easily

3. This software is compatible with mobile phones as well so that every information can be accessed with just a click.


1 . No free plan provided so that users can get started to get an idea about the service

2 . A few of the integrations require a ‘sync’ tool in order to function well


Provides one single plane, Monthly-Nimble Business- $25/month, Annually- Nimble Business- $19/month

Trustradius Ratings:


5. Nethunt CRM

Nethunt CRM is another unique CRM solution. It functions well with your Google account or any other applications that you make use of. They offer CRM solutions for any type of business such as small firms, large companies, and even for one individual user. When compared to other CRM solutions, Nethunt provides quite a lot of features that are missing in their competitors.


1 Ensures that your Customer relationship management techniques are always working well. It takes care of all the lead activities as well as ensures that your existing leads are not avoided. 

2. Conducts Lead tracking regularly so that the follow-up statuses of the leads can be taken care of

3. Conduct Sales cycle management to identify the status of the sales cycle and optimize the efforts better

4. Ensures that the right deals and activities are picked in order to conduct follow up actions on a weekly or daily basis. This can guide you on how close you come to closing deals

5. With the Sales tracking feature you can now track sales activities no matter the number of channels being used, also KPI’s of your sales teams can be monitored as well as information about leads and customers can be captured easily


1 . Conducts data import and export without any hassle

2. Is a multi-language platform

3. Sends bulk emails which can be personalized as well


1 . Doesn’t support Linux

2. Ticket support for customers is not available 


Professional- $30/month, Professional plus- $34/month, Enterprise- $60/month

Capterra Ratings:


6. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is a cloud-based CRM software that functions with the focus of eliminating any business-related issues. It is such a CRM that ensures that every detail related to work can be recorded in the CRM with ease. It uses Amazon Web Services as its platform. 


1 . It offers the Contact management feature where it ensures all the contact details can be managed, imported and exported in a quicker manner

2. Let’s you view and track your sales performance in details such as product, lead source and more

3. In order to increases the efficiency of every task being conducted, this CRM solution offers an automated process

4. Provides integrations which are common and useful for each and every user


1 . Offers a high collaborative environment to function

2. Conducts backups of information on a weekly monthly or even twice a day

3. Any payments conducted are protected with reference to the user detail


1 . No freemium option available

2. No on-premise deployment available

3. No multiple languages option is available except for English


Starter- $22/month, Pro- $39/month

Trustradius Ratings:


7. Insightly

Insightly is another CRM software solution that is focused on conducting marketing, sales, and project management in one place itself. It helps your brand grow better with its modern solution by enforcing a better relationship with prospects. 


1 . Conducts Pipeline management where monitoring the sales team performance takes place, where sales pitches are tracked and identified where it is present in the sales funnel.

2. Can integrate with multiple tools such as Dropbox, Gmail and more

3. Conducts Relationship management where it ensures that new leads are catered to and brought onboard. It also strengthened the relationship with existing leads in a refined manner as well

4. Conducts lead tracking with information such as email, phone calls and more


1 . The CRM software is affordable with rich features

2. Provides real-time macro and micro view of your business

3. Has an inbuilt automated and email reminders and tracking


1. The only language being supported here is English

2. Doesn’t provide live chat service


Their CRM plans are as follows, Plus- $29/month, Professional- $49/month, Enterprise- $99/month

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8. Adsoup

Adsoup is another CRM solution that enforces its attention on communicating which is taking place between your clients and your business. This CRM solution is the best choice for small and medium type businesses. This solution is stressed more on helping the sales department more.


1 . Conducts real-time messaging where you can communicate with your prospects no matter the location, with the use of a web browser

2. Let’s you track sales activity so that you are always aware of your lead status and its position in the sales funnel

3. Provides a single platform for communications in order to keep track of leads from multiple channels

4. Conducts constant revenue monitoring so that each channel can be optimized accordingly


1 . Conducts simultaneous chats

2. Conducts real-time value tracking and revenue reports

3. Can switch platforms easily and also has a document storage


1 . For any extra add ons required, the user has to pay accordingly

2. No multi-languages are supported except for English

3. Doesn’t provide or rather support email or phone for customer communication


Offers a great free plan, However, their paid subscriptions start from $19 to $56 per month. For annual payments, a discount is provided

G2 Ratings:


9. Engagebay

Engagebay is another CRM solution that focuses on delivering exceptional marketing and sales support. It is a cloud-based CRM that also supports finance in one platform just like marketing and sales. It also offers automated options for better efficiency at work.


1 . Conducts social media marketing where multiple actions can be taken such as analytics can be performed, contact management, automated publishing, and multi-account management

2. Conducts marketing automation where multiple services are provided such as customizable CTAs, drip campaigns, sales intelligence, website visitor tracking and more

3. Conducts lead generation actions with multiple features in hand such as contact import and export, lead capture, lead scoring, nurturing, data integration and more

4. Conducts multiple email marketing techniques such as A/B testing, event-triggered emails and more


1 . Has a user friendly and better interface option

2. Provides different types of forms and pop-ups for lead generation and prospects engagement to take place easily

3. Ensures data security as well


1 . Supports only English language

2 . No on-premise deployment is supported


Free plan, marketing -Basic- $14.99/user/month, CRM and sales- Growth-$49.99/user/month, Service-Pro- $79.99/user/month

Capterra Ratings:


10. Pipelinedeals

Best Sales CRM Software

Pipelinedeals is a sales enablement platform that helps sales teams to capture deals much quicker. It is a cloud-hosted all in one CRM that is best suited for the small or medium type of businesses. 


1 . Conducts efficient sales team management so the elimination of delays and confusion is happening. Also helps to set the purpose of every task being conducted and also team activity tracking

2. Helps you with Contact management where relationships are being built with new leads and follow-ups are conducted on existing prospects

3. Conducts lead management activities such as identifying, tracking, following up with leads which are most likely going to convert into a sales lead

4. Conducts sales pipeline management where for the efficiency of the sales pipeline, visualization and optimization are being conducted in order to understand the sales pipeline better


1 . Provides unlimited file storage

2. Can develop a dashboard for real-time visualization

3. Has an inbuilt email acceleration so that email activities can be tracked


1 . No freemium plan provided

2. No on-premise deployment provided

3. Only supports the English language


Start- $25/month, Develop- $33/month, Grow- $49/month

Capterra Ratings:


11. Agile CRM

Best Sales CRM Software

Agile CRM is an all in one CRM solution, that focuses on automating your marketing and sales activities. It is considered to be a cloud-based Saas service that is fast and easy to use. 


1 . Efficiently manages a single page of contacts to help close more deals

2. Manages all the projects using the same platform with the drag and drop list feature

3. Sends and creates professional emails and newsletters and also personalize them as well as tracks their results

4. Automates invites and follow-ups as well as shares the calendar online to conduct similar actions


1 . Has an inbuilt autoresponder

2. Helps to create exceptional landing pages for better prospects attention

2 . Provides multi-chat windows, easy data entry, and an automated workflow option


1. Customer support is only provided on the weekdays

2. Only supports the English language

3. No on-premise deployment provided


Free plan, Starter- $14.99/month, Regular- $49.99/month, Enterprise- $79.99/month

Trustradius Ratings:


12. Close

Best Sales CRM Software

Close if another exceptional CRM Solution that focuses on closing more deals. It is easy to understand and set up and offers a built-in workflow so that your revenue can function better. Each of your workflow activities is automatically organized hence keeping you ahead at all times. This CRM has been created in such a way that it is sales friendly.


1. Conduct multiple outbound calls with the use of this single CRM

2. Bring all your video callings and call recordings directly into your CRM so that it can be viewed for future references

3. Has built-in call automation inside the CRM 

4. The CRM offers complete transparency to all the sales team members to avoid any confusion or missing out on vital information

5. Any details that need to be viewed, takes place with a single click


1 . Offers predictive dialing features to enhance sales teams productivity

2. Offers multiple integrations which matter to every user

3. Offers pre-recorded voicemails as well


1 . In case of capturing bulk data and importing it at times, there will be duplicacy which requires to be eliminated via manual work

2. It is difficult for beginners to get acquainted with this CRM Software


Starter- $25/month, Basic- $65/month, Professional-$95/month

Capterra Ratings:


13. Hubspot CRM

Best Sales CRM Software

Hubspot CRM ensures that your sales process is being converted into a revenue-generating machine. With the dashboard being provided, you are able to find every minute details of your sales funnel better. No matter where your communications are being conducted, Hubspot CRM automatically tracks each and every interaction, hence making the process simpler for your team.


1 . Track sales performance and quotes with one single click

2. Deals are managed with custom filters and are sorted according to name, stage and more

3. Every communication or activity with a lead is stored in one place so that accessing it becomes easy

4. Syncs easily with Gmail or Outlook

5. Getting started with the CRM is easy and faster


1 . Offers basic CRM activities for free

2. Conducts cross channel tracking of prospects integrations as well

3. Provides unlimited users and data for every user who signs up for this free CRM


1. There is a limitation in the CRM customization

2. Mobility of the service is restricted to the office itself


Free CRM solution

Capterra Ratings:


14. Copper

Best Sales CRM Software

Copper is a CRM solution for G Suite users. All your contacts, emails, files, and more can be managed in one place. With the help of your Gmail inbox, you can conduct every lead activity with ease. The CRM options that Copper offers are more than one which are Gmail CRM, Google Sheets CRM, and the obvious G Suite CRM.


1 . Integrates with each and every G suites application such as Google Slides, Google Calendar, Data Studio, Data enrichment and more

2. No more manual work for adding contacts

3. With the help of custom pipelines and dashboards, you will have knowledge on how to achieve your goals and increase the conversion of sales numbers

4. Every related information about leads will be found in one place for all your team members to identify easily

5. With your Gmail inbox, you can conduct follow-ups, add leads, update leads and do more


1. Access contacts via emails, voice, text in apps and more

2. Manage leads through a refined qualification process

3. Improve workflow and team communications with the help of weekly pipeline reports


1 . Files can’t be attached when sending emails

2. To conduct troubleshooting, the tutorials provided aren’t that helpful


Basic- $24/month, Professional- $69/month, Business- $69/month( limited offer)

Capterra Ratings:


15. Sugar CRM

Best Sales CRM Software

SugarCRM ensures that your marketing and sales activities should be conducted in a better manner which gives your team a better experience when using it. The CRM being offered is flexible in nature and is innovative in its existence. 


1 . Offers a no-touch time aware CX platform in its CRM

2. It eliminates the need for sales teams to function more on entering information rather than selling

3. Captures lead with emails, forms and more

4. Sales teams receive only those leads which are valuable and to prove that lead nurturing and scoring details are provided as well

5. Ensures that as many workflows can happen that many they will automate to ease the work of sales teams


1 . Automates complex business processes

2. Maps prospects journey to cater to them accordingly

3. Provides offline sync option as well


1 . You need 10 people in a team to use this CRM solution

2. It will take time for users to learn and fully understand how these CRM functions


Sugar market- $1000/month, Sugar sell- $80/month, Sugar serve- $80/month, Sugar enterprise- $85/month, Sugar professional- $52/month

Capterra Ratings:


15. Teamgate

Teamgate is a CRM made to simplify work for sales teams in medium and small-size
enterprises. It has a great visual representation of your company’s sales progress at each
stage and provides useful insights for managers.

1. Has visual sales funnel
2. Can be easily integrated with an unlimited amount of third-party tools
3. Possibility to exchange emails with clients directly from CRM account

1. Live chat and phone support
2. Unlimited storage
3. Advances sales forecasting and analytics

1. The only supported language is English
2. No freemium option available

Starter $9, Professional $26, Enterprise $65

Capterra Ratings:

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The Bottom Line…

You now have the best solutions to choose from which can benefit your business better.

While this information is enough to get you started, if you wish to explore more details, you can do so with the help of a proxy server. A reliable proxy server can help you get more details from any restricted sources online. This can help you make better decisions to choose the right CRM software for your brand.

So, tell us to have you made a decision yet? Is there any CRM software that caught your attention? We would like to hear from you.


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