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Top 10 price comparison solutions 2020


 ‘’81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product.’’ And why won’t they? The choices that are being offered to them are unlimited and to cater to their needs, they need to ensure that they are picking the right solution for them. Jump Directly to 1. What do you mean by Price comparison? 2. Why Price comparison should matter to your business in 2020? 3. How web scraping can help...

How to Use Instagram Bots for Your Business?


Instagram bots or growth service as some people prefer to call it takes control of your account’s activities like giving likes, comments, follows, and DMs, making it possible for you to appear on many people’s activity feeds. An increased occurrence of your username to properly targeted audience will increase your profile visits, followers, and website clicks. An Instagram account that has good...

How to Conduct Price Intelligence in E-Commerce to Increase Sales?


“Pricing is actually a pretty simple and straight forward thing. Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product.”– Ron Johnson, the former chief executive officer of J. C. Penney New York Time, 2013   That is why pricing matters, not just any figures, it needs to have the right figures. Now imagine what would happen when blend pricing with the biggest online...

How to take advantage of Instagram stories?


What first existed from 2016, has now witnessed a significant rise in its popularity with 300 million daily users as per November 2017. You can only wonder now how big of a number it would have reached in the current year today. Instagram stories are the successful mediums to sell better on Instagram. Instagram previously, was considered to be a platform that was used to engage with friends and...

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