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How to choose the best proxy for Price Intelligence?


Pricing plays a huge importance when a brand has to sell to its prospects. ‘’Price is important to marketers because it represents marketers’ assessment of the value customers see in the product or service and are willing to pay for a product or service.’’ Jump Directly to What is Pricing Intelligence? Why proxies for pricing intelligence are the right fit to conduct such an activity? How to...

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms that will make work simple


What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is defined as a  scientific study of statistical models, computer systems and algorithms that help do the work without any supervision. This branch of study is a subset of artificial intelligence and uses patterns and inferences from similar situations to complete the task. These algorithms are built using sample data which is known as the training data...

The Different stages in data analytics, and where do you fit it in AI and ML activities?[Expert Opinion]


Technology is booming and its growth in providing innovative solutions is seen over the recent years. From introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence to making data management an easy source of access for multiple brands, technology is growing bigger and better. Jump Directly to 1 . Expert opinion about the world surrounding ‘Data’ 2. What is data analytics? 3. How Web scraping and...

How to choose the best proxy for ad verification?


‘’In another November 2017 report, 78% of marketing leaders reported increased concern about brand safety over the last 12 months ‘’ Brands today use many platforms to exhibit their solutions to their prospects. From conducting cold calls and emails to creating efficient SEO activities and posting ads, brands are investing their revenue in places where their prospects are most likely to be...

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