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25 Best Powerful WordPress Lead Generation Plugins for 2020


WordPress is no longer a platform just to create blogs.

It is more than that. It is so much more that it can help move your current business one step higher.

WordPress has become a platform that can help you to create an exceptional website as well as to conduct multiple activities that could boost your brand to walk on the success route much more efficiently and quicker.

Table of Content

1 . What do you mean by ‘WordPress Plugins’?

2. 25 Brilliant WordPress Plugins that can excel your business growth in 2020

Thanks to the multiple lists of WordPress plugins, these minute yet effective plugins are present so that you can always do more with WordPress as stated above.

But if you go on to search such plugins, the list can be longer which is exactly why this article exists. 

In this article, we have covered the top 25 WordPress plugins that can guarantee you that if you apply them in your business strategies, your brand growth can be developed well in advance of your competitors.

But before we can get into the details, let’s first understand the existence of such a solution.

What do you mean by ‘Wordpress Plugins’?

WordPress, as you are aware, is a solution that can help you to do more for your business rather than just writing a blog. WordPress Plugins ensure that you can conduct the action.

WordPress has limited features which means that if you want to improve your SEO performance on your website and WordPress doesn’t have a feature to conduct that action, with a WordPress Plugin, you can get it done. All you need to do is identify the plugin and get it installed.

WordPress plugins are a simple answer to doing more with WordPress. It extends the functions of what WordPress can do. Multiple users depend on WordPress because it is an easy application to use.

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It’s time that you too get started on it as well. 

For a business to conduct efficient growth, every factor matters, be it the content side, SEO side, and even marketing, everything matters which is why you need the right solutions that can help you function better on WordPress.

Let’s take a look at your top choices.

25 Brilliant WordPress Plugins that can excel your business growth in 2020

Wordpress Plugins

1. Optin Monster

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

When it comes to conducting effective lead generation activities, Optin Monster is one solution that comes to mind. You have an exceptional website but how can you use your website to generate more leads. Here is when solutions such as Optin Monster can help you. Optin Monster focuses on converting your website visitors into a sales lead while increasing your conversion rates simultaneously.

Best features of Optin Monster:

1. Helps to get more potential prospects to become subscribers

2. Focuses on the increase in sales actions

3. Delivers drag and drop campaign builder so that creation of attractive and effective campaigns compel prospects to retain their attention on your brand

4. Uses out of the box features to create effective campaigns such as onsite retargeting, geolocation targeting referrer detection and more

5. Can integrate with anything

6. Provides actionable insights such as A/B testing, automated personalization and more

7. Ensures you receive only valuable leads

8. With the creation of efficient and detailed campaigns, Optin Monster ensures that your lead generation activities are conducted well


1 . There is no one-time payment offered when compared to other list building plugins

2. When Optin Monster offered analysis for conversion rates, many users didn’t find it as effective as they expected


Basic- $9/month, Plus- $19/month, Pro- $29/month,Growth- $49/month

Getapp Ratings:


02. Limecall

Limecall is another solution that can help to increase your website conversion rates at least 3x more. It is a callback widget that is placed on your website and gives your leads the opportunity to connect with you in 28 seconds or to schedule a call at their convenient time. The main agenda of Limecall is to ensure that your business is growing well because another factor that they ensure is that you don’t miss out on any leads.

Best features of Limecall:

1 . Qualify sales call faster

2. Capture potential prospects 24/7

3. Integrate any of your favourite tools

4. Convert hot leads instantly

5. Helps to optimize marketing campaigns

6. Offers inbuilt effective CRM solutions

7. Conducts call recording and call masking activities


Free plan, Pro- $35/month, Advanced- $75/month

Limecall Ratings:


3. RafflePress

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

Do you know apart from the lead generation activities you are currently conducting, there is another way to retain their attention? RafflePress offers contests and giveaways as a great measure to engage with potential prospects during their engagement with you or the brand so that retaining their interest becomes easier with your brand.

Best features of RafflePress:

1 . Can host easy contests on your blog and social platforms

2 . If a prospect has completed a promotional task, you can let them get contest entries as well

3. The interface of RafflePress is very simple with a touch of modernity

4. Has drag and drop feature which lets you make better giveaways

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5. Can track your giveaways and contest entries for better performance of such an action

6. Offers fraud protection feature and no distraction landing pages

7. Can easily integrate with any social media platforms or email marketing services and also CRM softwares


1 . Users cannot edit the header logo on a giveaway landing page


Ultimate- $359.20/one time payment, Growth- $159.20/year, Pro- $79.20/year, Plus- $39.20/year

WordPress Plugin Ratings:


4. TrustPulse

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

Did you know that when your prospects see that someone else has purchased your solution, chances are they too will be triggered to trust your brand and try it out? This is exactly what TrustPulse is all about. It lets your prospects receive social proof when they are on your website to trigger their attention to purchase from you. 

This is great because it can help in capturing more attention on your website and catering to such prospects would be useful for your business. All you need to do is place a code that will be embedded on your website. 

Best features of TrustPulse:

1 . With its social proof actions, can help to increase conversion rates up to 15%

2. Help to add credibility and enhance your brand’s reputation

3. Uses Smart targeting to ensure that the campaigns being created and the actions conducted are going the right way

4. Offers flexible design options in order to match the outlook and feel of your website

5. Provides analytics that can help to improve your brand performance with this action

6. Can function with any website platforms

7. Uses social proofs to increase and enhance conversion rates


Basic- $39.00/year, Plus- $99.00/year, Pro- $199.00/year, Growth- $349.00/year

ISITWP Ratings:


5. Social Warfare

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

Social Warfare is a unique social proof solution that lets you share your content on whichever social networks you wish. It is a great way to capture the attention of prospects as it helps in understanding how many users have liked and shared your content. This will increase more taps on those content, which will ignite interest in the content and your website.

This is a great way of conducting content marketing that can help your business to earn better with the help of content.

Best features of Social Warfare:

1 . Has a ‘Popular Posts widget’ that showcases which content posts have received the highest number of likes. You can then showcase this in front of your audience as well to capture their attention

2 .You can also tweet quotes post and pages as well

3. You can also easily place share buttons anywhere on your website by using shortcodes

4. The plugin is very flexible

5. User-friendly solution

6 . Provides content protection so that no random person can advertise some other content on top of yours

7 . Can customize your buttons outlook, how you can share the content and so much more


1 . Documentation can be better

2. For link shortening only bit.ly supports


60 days money-back guarantee package, Lieutenant package- $29/year, Captain’s package- $135/year, Colonel’s package- $250/year

WordPress Plugin Ratings:


6. Smash Balloon

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

Smash Balloon is another effective solution to showcase your content on your website. Whatever activities you conduct, be it your blog post or social media posts or anything else, you can now show it on your website. This will help your content to rank better as well as increase more engagement of your prospects towards your business.

This consistent action can help you to grow your business much more quickly and efficiently.

Best features of Smash Balloon:

1 . Trusted by more than 1 million active users

2 . Offers various kinds of plugins such as Custom Facebook feed pro, Instagram feed pro, custom Twitter feeds pro, feeds for Youtube pro

3. Set up takes minimal efforts

4. It is mobile optimized

5. Very responsive

6. Can access search engines

7. Has the option to conduct customization

8. Supports comments and reactions of prospects via social media

9. Provides Hashtag feature and Shoppable feeds for Instagram

10. Conducts automatic tweet moderation

11. Can conduct customization of video end actions for Youtube

12. Helps to add good SEO content in your website to help rank better

11. Focuses on more brand social engagement


1 . Pricing package can be expensive

2. Many users found Facebook to have a lot of issues


Personal- $49/year, Business-$99/year, Smash-$199/year, All Access bundle-$299/year

G2 Ratings:


7. MonsterInsights

Source: Optin Monster

MonsterInsights can help your brand grow much faster. As the name states the meaning, it helps to provide detailed information about your website performance. Who has visited your website, when did they do so, how many of them stayed longer and so much more? When you have such data in front of you, converting potential prospects into sales leads becomes easier.

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With this data, you can easily enhance your current actions and work on what factors are giving you more benefits. You can also observe your website performance and eliminate anything that is slowing it down. This all will help your website performance to improve and hence simultaneously impact your business growth.

Best features of MonsterInsights:

1 . Conducts quick and easy setups

2. Ensures your companies growth is always healthy with their E-commerce tracking feature

3. Showcases real-time statistics

4. Can view analytics via Google Analytics dashboard

5. Discloses vital e-commerce metrics such as conversion rate, best referral sources and more


1 . Is expensive for users who are looking for a cheaper software investment

2. The free version doesn’t offer much for a user to completely understand how MonsterInsights can actually benefit them


Agency-$399.50/year, Pro- $199.50/year, Plus-$99.50/year

G2 Ratings:


8. WPForms

Source: Optin Monster

Another way to grow your business better is to make the path between your brand and your prospect easier. When a prospect visits your website, they should reach out to you quickly and easily which is why using WPForms can help you to receive email notifications and let you cater to your prospects sooner.

Best features of WPForms:

1 . Easy to create forms with drag and drop builder feature

2. Offers other great features such as smart conditional logic to make the user experience even better

3. Can easily integrate with other tools such as MailChimp, Paypal and more

4. You will receive a notification immediately when the form has been filled

5. Can create multi-page forms

6. No need for design or coding skills to create forms with WPForms

7. Can also customize email subject line for each form so that your inbox can be organized accordingly

8. Can also customize which of your team members receives the notifications so that connecting with prospects takes place without any confusion


1 . Can’t enter phone box details till you purchase a WPForm package

2. Users want to see more Stripe accounts option to be provided


Elite- $299.50/year, Pro- $199.50/year, Plus-$99.50/year, Basic- 39.50/year

G2 Ratings:


9. Formidable Forms

Source: Optin Monster

Formidable forms are unique because it helps prospects to find a solution in real-time. It helps them to calculate what the problem is in real-time and work on grasping a solution to resolve it. Prospects can create interactive forms to their site and personalize their websites better. 

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For instance, for a realtor, they can add a mortgage calculator on their website so that they know how to go about it.

Best features of Formidable forms:

1 . Can automatically fill out forms

2. Can conduct conditional redirection so that forms responses are notified to the right people

3. Can help to grasp valuable data as well as analyze it later

4. Data can be viewed via charts or graphs according to the user understanding

5. Integrates with WordPress E-commerce plugin WooCommerce


1 . The encryption feature isn’t provided

2 . Is a hassle to understand the plugin and then learn its use in your process


Elite- $399.53/year, Business- $199.43/year, Basic-$99.38/year

Capterra Ratings:


10. SeedProd

Wordpress Plugins

Source: Optin Monster

Do you know what other ways are there to generate leads? One of the most efficient ones is to keep your prospects guessing. Before you can even explain who you are, what happens when you create a buzz? Prospects will be triggered to look at what’s happening and retain their attention on your brand so that when you unveil your solution, you can quickly tap their attention to explore your brand more. This is exactly what SeedProd aims to help you in.

Best features of SeedProd:

1 . Ensures to capture lead attention before you can even go live on your WordPress created website

2. SeedProd appears as the following ‘coming soon page’, ‘launch page’ and more

3. Has a built-in email auto responder

4. Has a great search engine optimized option

5. Can help to conduct social media shares and follow activities

6. Focuses on prospect engagement so that when your brand is live, you have already a good set of genuine leads to get started with increasing your sales figures from the start

7. Can be used to create custom maintenance mode as well as 404 pages


Basic- $29.60/year, Plus- $69.60/year, Pro- $99.20/year

G2 Ratings:


11. WP Mail SMTP

Source: Optin Monster

When you create your website using WordPress there are limited features too which is exactly why you would invest in a WordPress plugin to ensure that you can extend the functionality of WordPress furthermore. There are times where your website may have some errors where you won’t be able to receive email notifications and more and this can be a threat if not resolved.

WP Mail SMTP ensures that none of the above issues stated takes place. It focuses on ensuring that your website is always running fine without any issues.

Best features of WP Mail SMTP:

1. Makes use of reliable methods to send your emails 

2. User-friendly plugin

3. No code required to get started

4. No chance of users missing out on notifications

5. Can choose among several SMTP providers such as Mailgun, Gmail and more


1 . Many users found the support issues high

2. Errors are experienced more by users


Pro-$49.00/year, Elite-$99.00/year, Developer-$199.00/year, Agency- $399.00/year

WordPress Plugin Ratings:


12. Constant Contact

Constant contact is an efficient email marketing solution. Emails are another great way to grow your business as it helps to engage with your prospects better. Constant contacts help you to create personalized emails for welcome, birthday and anniversary. This shows that your brand prioritizes prospects beyond just sales.

Best features of Constant Contact:

1 . Beginner understanding

2. Quick and easy to set up

3. Conducts tracking of email campaigns with real-time reporting activity

4. Automates your email marketing activities with an autoresponder

5. Can send a targeted email which will be personalized

6. Is compliance with anti-spam laws

7. Can keep a track of multiple processes such as how many emails are opened, click-throughs, spam reports, bounces and more


1 . List management isn’t great

2. Customer support is slow


The email starts from $20/month, Email Plus starts from $45/month, LITE starts from $5/month

Trustradius Ratings:


13. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin that can help you create and manage forms. Forms are a great way to capture prospects’ information as it can help you to cater to them later. With Contact Form 7 you can easily create relevant forms with the exact details you wish to gather from your prospects.

Best features of Contact Form 7:

1 . Makes uses of reCaptcha verifications

2. Filters out any spam form submissions

3. No coding required to create and manage forms


1. At times, the ReCaptcha doesn’t function

2. Many users found a lot of spam issues


Free plugin

WordPress plugin Ratings:



Sendinblue is a great plugin to ensure your campaign performances are running well. You can easily manage contact lists and any segmentations so that you’re always creating an efficient campaign. With Sendinblue’s SMTP, you can also track transactional emails. 

Best features of Sendinblue:

1. Gives you a real-time analysis of your campaign performance such as opens, clicks and any bounces

2. Conducts transactional emails with the help of real-time metrics

3. There is personalization for all customer-focused emails

4. Showcases all your metrics with custom KPI/indicator

5. Conducts marketing automation to speed up your website performance better

6. Can create custom communications


1 . Interface performance is slow

2. Reporting view can be better


Free plan, Lite- $25/month, Essential- $39/month, Premium- $66/month, Enterprise- (get quote)

Trustradius Ratings:


15. SEMrush

When it comes to SEO SEMrush is a great solution. SEMrush can help you conduct better SEO activities by giving you insights on how you can perform better than your competitors. You can view what keywords your competitors are using and enhance your own accordingly. This solution is useful as it helps you to stand up higher and faster in the crowd hence impacting your brand performance.

Best features of SEMrush:

1 . Can conduct both sides of domain comparisons

2. Can conduct competitive analysis

3. Conducts research on advertising to inform you what your competitors are doing

4. Helps you find the right keywords so that conducting SEO and PPC activities is simpler

5. Helps to audit your website so that you can understand which things you need to eliminate and which you should continue focusing on so that growing your brand becomes more enhanced in the right path

6. SEMrush’s audit tool allows you to perform an SEO audit in your WordPress created website


1 . It can be difficult to use this application as to how to conduct the process can be tiresome to remember

2 . Graphs are not customizable


Pro-$99.95/month, Guru-$199.95/month, Business- $399.95/month

Trustradius Ratings:


16. Drip

Drip is another efficient email marketing solution that focuses on prospect relationships. They understand that the best way to grow business is to tap the trust of their prospects. This action can be conducted when you are using the most considered prospects communication channel, email to do so.

Best features of Drip:

1 . Simple solution

2. Can modify your prospects outreach actions

3. Can help you track customer data with tags, custom fields, and events

4. Provides pre-built campaigns and workflows to help you get started sooner

5. Find your best prospects with Drip’s purchase intent marketing solution

6. With the information being received from prospects, Drip helps to customize the communications accordingly with them

7. Can also create your campaigns according to the prospect’s interests and behaviour patterns

8. Helps you to set up email sequences to avoid abandonment of cart and increase conversion rates


1. Lack of POS integrations

2. Phone support isn’t available to connect with Drip quicker


14-day free trial, according to the number of people in your account, the amount for each month will depend accordingly. Get on Drip to find out.

Capterra Ratings:


17. Yoast SEO

Source: Optin Monster

Yoast SEO is the ultimate solution to all your SEO activities via WordPress. The plugin is effective in helping to manage any technicality related to SEO. With such an efficient SEO tool, optimizing your website is enhanced each time. Yoast SEO ensures that your SEO activities are conducted in a refined and effective manner where the expected results will be seen sooner.

Best features of Yoast SEO:

1 . Your website can rank higher on multiple search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google

2 . Easy medium to understand the purpose and process of conducting SEO activities

3. Optimizes pages with up to 5 keywords

4. Every two weeks the plugin is updated to ensure its performance is always better

5. Have the ability to eliminate any duplicate content

6. Conducts keyword optimization

7. Conducts readability checks to ensure that content can be accessed

8. Can be redirected to managers in case of any broken links or outdated content situation

9. Helps to add structured data in order to receive good snippets in the search results

10 . Helps in brand awareness, lead generation, the website traffic and PPC and more


1 . Non-technical users may find it difficult to get started with Yoast SEO

2. Customer support isn’t that helpful in case of any queries that need to be resolved which results in low customer satisfaction


Yoast SEO package is free, Yoast SEO premium package costs $89 for one website

Trustradius Ratings:


18. RankMath

RankMath is another exciting SEO solution that focuses on other SEO activities apart from keywords. It stresses its focus more on meta descriptions, Schema and much more. Whatever activities are conducted on-page SEO, RankMath ensures all of that is being conducted well.

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Another great thing about this SEO solution is that this plugin is free which means you can get all of the efficient features without having to pay any big or small costs, isn’t that great?

Best features of RankMath:

1 . User-friendly solution

2. Installation is easy to conduct

3. Can use this solution to control all your on-page SEO activities

4. Provides automated image SEO for rank improvements by adding ALT tags

5. Conducts navigation of your website better with customized breadcrumbs

6. Provides good snippet support to improvise click-through rate and make your content stand out better

7. Can apply social media metadata to your website

8. Is multisite compatible

9. Can create and manage any complex redirects

10. Can also view Google search console data


1 . Documentation at RankMath is limited

2. A few users find the SEO analysis provided by RankMath to be a little over-engineered


Free plugin

Rankmath Ratings:


19.Broken Link checker

Do you know what can increase your bounce rate in SEO? The fact that you have broken links. Broken links are a big turn off. You could have great content to capture your prospect’s attention, but when they land on a broken link, there are high chances of them walking away. Eliminating broken links is important and it can be done when you are constantly monitoring and checking for it which is why Broken Link checker can help you better.

Best features of Broken Link Checker:

1 . Monitors links in the content posts, pages or comments

2 .Can be used to identify links which don’t work, redirects or have missing images

3. Can monitor links whenever you want

4. With the plugin dashboard, you can also edit links directly

5. Receive notifications via the plugin dashboard about any broken links, missing images and more

6. Helps to reduce bounce rates

7. Focuses on increasing page views


1 . If you are using Windows, the software may work on an average scale

2. Sometimes links appear to be broken, if you are not checking constantly it can cause you a loss in page views


Free plugin

Seo review tools Ratings:


20. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder can make your website go from average to an eye-pleaser within seconds. Your website is what your prospects will see and explore and then make their purchasing decisions which is why it is important for you to understand that your website needs to be created in such a manner where closing sales deals become much faster. You can do so much with Beaver Builder who helps in making your brand more understandable and easy to explore.

Best features of Beaver Builder:

1. Drag and drop builder for any WordPress website

2. Can create and edit website posts, pages and custom posts as well

3. Can make use of their pre-built templates or save any of your templates

4. Column based layout can be created with ease

5. Can also switch between themes without having to lose any of the content

6. Conducts live front end editing actions for website design

7. Can design a storefront with WooCommerce’s support

8. Provides editor mode so that you can without any doubt of them breaking pages hand over the websites to your clients 

9. Can build pages visually

10. No coding required

11. Can create a website without any hassles

12. With WooCommerce support, you can easily drag and drop your solutions to build your online business store


1 . Design flexibility is very limited

2. Customization and module library is also very limited


Agency-$399, Pro- $199, Standard- $99

G2 Ratings:


21. MaxCDN

Source: Optin Monster

Did you know that when you use high-quality images, there are chances that your website can slow down? The reason being those images can take time to showcase which in turn slows down your content for your prospects to view. If this continues, it can turn away your prospect’s attention. 

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To tackle this issue, MaxCDN can help. This solution ensures that you are able to optimize your images so that your content can load much quicker.

Best features of MaxCDN:

1 . Keeps website secure

2. Helps to load content on websites quicker

3. Investing in a reliable Content Delivery Network(CDN)

4. Integrates with WordPress easily

5. Delivers a wider time control, scalability and capacity solutions

6. Has a built-in platform-wide security

7. Provides delivery security features such as access control and content protection

8. Provides real-time control for SSL certificate management, cache purging, and config updates

9. Reduces bandwidth’s cost and use

10. Helps to add security

11. Helps to increase availability and uptime

12. Safeguards from DDoS attacks that can make your website slow down


1 . MaxCDN doesn’t provide a global outreach for its solution to be used in certain countries

2. Sometimes the application doesn’t work as expected


Edge Delivery Bundles- Edge Delivery 20- Free trial/month, Edge Delivery 200- $200/month, Edge Delivery 2000-$2000/month

Techradar Ratings:


22. Sucuri Firewall

Source: Optin Monster

Your WordPress website has everything you need to capture prospect attention. You will now be engaging with those prospects and grasping their information, all of these activities are conducted online which means that there are risks involved. Anything could happen, prospects information stolen, unauthorized access of your server. 

You need to conduct secure actions so that the above issues stated can be eliminated which is installing a firewall is a better and safer option. This is exactly what Sucuri Firewall can help you in.

Best features of Sucuri Firewall:

1 . Provides a plugin that can blend well with Sucuri services

2 .Secures your brand from multiple attacks such as brute force attacks, malware, DDoS attacks and more

3. Provides unlimited malware and hack cleanup

4. Conducts and efficient 5 step process to ensure your website is always protected

5. Safeguards your website and prospects data 

6. Blocks any kind of attacks before they even reach you

7. Your website will be monitored every 3 hours to check for any risks

8. Ensures that your website isn’t blacklisted to safeguard your reputation


1 . Customer support is very poor and slow

2 . Their services aren’t as affordable for multiple users


Basic- $199.99, Professional- $299.99, Business- $499.99, Custom plans are also available

Trustpilot Ratings:


23. All in one WP Security and Firewall

Source: Optin Monster

This plugin ensures that your website is secure from any risks. When that happens it confidently helps your website to conduct smoother activities without any hassle. For a website to conduct efficient activities, it is important that all measures have been taken to ensure the smooth running of the show, but at times due to risks such as malware and many others, this tends to slow down the process of capturing leads.

Best features of All in One WP Security and Firewall:

1. User friendly

2. Offers tons of features 

3. Focuses on boosting security and website speed

4. Conducts force logout

5. Can also blacklist any specific IPs or IP range

6. Provides login lockdown to safeguard your website from brute force attacks

7. Has a security dashboard which showcases significant information such as failed logins attempts, account activity and more


1. The issue of lockouts was experienced often by users

2. Crash of websites takes place for a few users

WordPress plugins Ratings:


24. VaultPress

Source: Optin Monster

For every activity, you conduct it is important you have a secure backup for it for future references. What if you had a solution that could backup your activities as well as protects you from harmful risks? Vault Press aims to give you just that. 

Best features of VaultPress:

1 . Takes a backup of posts, comments, file and more

2. Secures your website from multiple attacks such as hackers, malware, host outages and more

3. Has a 30-day backup archive

4. Conducts automated daily backups with unlimited storage

5. Conducts uptime monitoring and brute force attack protection


1 . It is a tailored solution for WordPress users only

2. Customer support is very slow


Real time backup- $20/month, Daily backups- $3/month, Jetpack personal- $39/year

G2 Ratings:


25. Nextiva

Source: Optin Monster

Nextiva is another great way to grow your business as it helps to increase and enhance better communication with your prospects. It offers a VOIP phone service that guarantees to offer efficient phone services to its users.

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With Nextiva, you can conduct various calling activities that make your communication with prospects a fruitful one.

Best features of Nextiva:

1 . Can help to engage with prospects, conduct sales activities and manage customers all in one place

2. Get a better picture of your prospect journey with the help of sentiment analysis

3. Provides Call Pop so that account information, caller sentiment, previous interactions appear on your screen when calls are being made

4. Quicker to track and conduct actions on prospect data in one screen

5. Offers unlimited free domestic calling, voicemail for emails and texts, advanced call routing options and much more

6. Has HD Voice quality


1. The onboarding process is always longer

2. Customer support doesn’t seem to satisfy any prospect queries well


Professional-$20.95/month, Enterprise-$27.95/month

Capterra Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

These plugins won’t just make your website more efficient but also make the process of taping and retaining your prospect’s attention so much easier. 

While these WordPress Plugins can help you to conduct an efficient brand growth process, using a proxy server can help you find immediate solutions more quickly. With a reliable proxy server, you can research about your industry, what your prospects are looking for, all while staying anonymous.

This can help you to frame your business strategy better and choose the right WordPress plugin to get started. 

So, tell us which WordPress plugin would you choose for your website enhancement? We would like to hear your opinion. 

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