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Top 5 Widely Used Statistical Data Analysis Techniques In 2018


Statistics is a section of mathematics which includes wide variety of terms and methods used for calculations and analysis to find the nature of a given data and the relation between the sets of data. In this age of growing and increasing information, data is increasing at a very fast rate making people wonder what can be done with it. However, with the commencement of Big data, analysts and...

How To Analyze E-commerce Data To Optimize Sales Funnels


Do you want to exponentially increase your e-commerce sales? The very first thing that you need to know is that copying someone’s random strategy from around the globe will most probably won’t work for you. The second thing that you need to know is every site is different in some or other way. ┬áTo exponentially increase your e-commerce sales you need to perform ecommerce data analysis...

7 Big data examples with Analytics & Applications in Real life 2019


Big Data, as the name itself suggests is a collection of enormous sets of data which is analysed and then simplified. Before we get into the theory of finding the importance of Big Data, let us understand the basics of Big Data. Jump directly to Important reasons why Big Data is used Advantages of Big Data analytics in everyday marketing Campaigns Big Data is associated with the study of huge...

Top 10 Challenges Of Big Data Healthcare Analytics


Big data healthcare analytics is playing a great role in healthcare organizations these days. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The great role comes with many critical concerns and responsibilities. These days big data healthcare analytics is coming out as one of the great challenges being worked upon by the healthcare organizations. Machine providers who have hardly made electronic health...

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