7 ways to hide your IP while browsing


Everything you do on the Internet can be detected if you don’t hide IP address. IP(Internet Protocol) address represents the identification number of your internet connection and it is automatically linked to your location. Each device connected to the Internet has its own address. The main reason for hiding the IP address is mainly the desire for more privacy. People do not want to share their...

14 Quick Tips to Protect your Online Privacy


Almost every application that we download to the mobile phone requires access to some of our data. Every activity on the Internet can be observed by companies, ISPs, government, hackers and so on. Pixels track what do we click on, what are we liking and commenting on, what are we doing on a regular basis, and what are we searching for. With the help of the IP address, the way we navigate the...

Does DNS Test Leak My Real IP Address?


More than 50% of people who use privacy tools such as VPNs and proxy servers on their laptops or personal computers do so in order to access better entertainment, while 35% of them are motivated by the need for online anonymity and privacy. Aside from these top two reasons, the study also cited the following motivations for VPN and proxy usage: To access social networks or news services (34%); To...

Step By Step Guide To Change IP Address On Android


Heard a lot about Internet Protocol for computers? Do mobile phones also carry IP addresses? The answer is YES! Because IP is used to identify your internet connection, also if your devices is the computer or smartphone. Internet protocol has been evolved over many years. In this article, we will discuss Internet Protocol version 4 mostly called IPv4. IPv4  is a form of IP address that usually...

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