Step By Step Guide To Change IP Address On Android


Heard a lot about Internet Protocol for computers? Do mobile phones also carry IP addresses? The answer is YES! Because IP is used to identify your internet connection, also if your devices is the computer or smartphone. Internet protocol has been evolved over many years. In this article, we will discuss Internet Protocol version 4 mostly called IPv4. IPv4  is a form of IP address that usually...

10 Common Security Threats To Ecommerce


These days, the world is a global village, and e-commerce is how trade happens online, between countries and continents and across cultures and seas. It is almost impossible to be living in a world that uses the internet for its communication, information and entertainment; and not be familiar with some form of e-commerce; as it is one of the fastest growing trends of the past few decades. Jump...

Top 10 Information Security Threats in 2018


The impact of information security or the lack of it in the everyday life of individuals has caused a connection between their work and personal lives. Formerly, information security threats were typically just a worry for the workplace, but that is not the case today as hackings and cyber-attacks are a daily routine now, influencing everybody associated with the web. Information security threats...

What is WPA3’s features?


As you all know the security is the most important concern for all of us in this digital world. But do you really know that there are different forms of security features? Well, let’s discuss the most important feature you use, it is the WPA. Jump directly to WPA3 – Wifi Protected Access(Version 3.0) Wifi Protected Access in short WPA is one of the most important aspects of Wifi...

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