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How your Competitive Advantage is Directly related to your Proxy Service?


The online market is a very aggressive trade in today’s world. When you check out the price of any products, you will see a drastic variation in the prices depending on a few parameters like the website you are on, the country you are checking them from, the type of commodity being sold and how frequently you visit the same site. You can even be fed false data depending on your online...

How to choose between residential ips and data-center IPs?


Both residential IP addresses and data-center IPs offer a way for Internet users to hide their real IP address and, in effect, provide us with anonymity. Now, why would anyone want to hide their IP address?  IP addresses make up an important part of our digital fingerprint, along with the websites we visit, the browsers we use, and our device settings. What makes an IP address truly unique is...

How to Perform Secure Data Analysis at Scale?


The history of data analysis dates back more than 1000 BC during the Egyptian era and is more relevant than ever in 2018. This shows how important data analysis is and will continue to be. Data analysis refers to the technique of collecting raw data, analysing it and transforming it into information that can be used to reach a specific conclusion. Let’s see the various stages of data...

How to scrape a website without getting blocked or misled?


Proxies have a lot of use cases which includes browsing, gaming, using them for scraping websites and so on. Browsing and gaming do not include a lot of challenges but the question here is have you ever used a proxy or set of proxies successfully without getting blocked by target websites? If the answer is “Yes” it’s great to hear, but 90% of the users have a “No” as their answer. In this...

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