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Ultimate Guide to Cop Shoes Via AIO Bot V2


In the past, it was easy to buy sneakers and all you had to do was to try them on for the perfect fit and size. The prices were also reasonable and it wasn’t a big deal to purchase designer sneakers. All that has changed in recent times as it’s more difficult to get limited-edition sneakers. To stand a better chance at purchases of Adidas and other designer brands, you would have to make use of a bot, and with this guide to cop shoes via AIO bot, you would be better armed to compete with other buyers.

Table of Content

1 . AIO Bot

2. Proxies

3. AIO Bot Guide

4. Copping The Sneakers

5. Tips for Increasing Your Sneaker Copping Success

6. Important Factors to Be Considered While Copping Sneakers

7. FAQ

The deals with limited-edition sneakers are unlike the rest. People are willing to spend so much to get their hands on these because when top brands like Adidas release limited editions they are equal to no other. An example of a limited edition from Adidas is the Yeezy 350 Boost.

Once released, retailers and other middlemen try to purchase as many as they can from the company. They then sell them on their sites at higher prices which doesn’t even make it easier to get by the users. And so the users would have to make use of good proxies with their bots to compete favorably with other users struggling to make purchases.


Created by Another Nike Bot, it gives you great features that help you get the best results with great user experience. Top limited-edition releases like Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 and Nike Shattered Back Boards are types of shoes that are a must-have by shoe fanatics who love to set the pace in fashion.

Copping shoes via AIO bot does the job for you and so you don’t have to do anything. With the bot, you can be among the first to wear the latest release of limited edition designer sneakers, or you can sell it and make a good profit for yourself.


What Is a Proxy?

A proxy acts as a tunnel between your computer connection and another computer. You can use them for anonymous connections to hide your IP address, location, and online activities. Apart from their use to attain privacy on the internet, they are also used by sneaker enthusiasts when copping shoes via AIO bot. Retailers of limited edition sneakers most times put a limit to the number of purchases per IP address, and so with the anonymity that comes from the use of proxies, a user can make multiple purchases.

Apart from making purchases anonymously, users can also make use of IP servers in different locations. This way, the retail sites would see the requests as coming from different users in a different location whereas its just one user.

Proxy Ping – Ping with Your Proxy

When using a proxy, its presence can be likened to a barrier through which the internet has to pass. Just like all barriers, it causes a delay in increasing transaction time. So with the use of a proxy, the duration for establishing connections and having access to a website would be increased.

The reaction time of a computer also increases and this reaction time is referred to as computer ping time. Different proxies have different delays and this depends on the proxy service provider. A good provider’s proxy would have a minimal delay time of only 10 to 50ms. Using cheap and less renowned proxies puts you at risk of longer ping times and security issues especially when financial transactions are involved.

Proxy Location – Where Are You?

Proxy location is related to proxy ping time. Computers close to one another communicate faster than computers that are far away. When choosing a proxy, the proxy provider would allow you to choose your IP server location and this is so that you can have more control and choose where you’d want your traffic to come from. Choosing a proxy that is close to your real location gives you faster speed and a better advantage than those connecting to a server from a farther distance.

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With the WHOIS search, it’s likely for you to search for public information associated with a web domain. Some domains also provide WHOIS protection in which case the important data and location of the user would be visible, the name and addresses wouldn’t be seen.

Lately, a lot of proxy service providers have emerged, increasing the supply of available proxies. This makes proxies more affordable and readily available to the customers. Apart from the rise in the number of available proxy services, an increase in the knowledge of creating and maintaining proxies has also made proxies more affordable. It requires good technical knowledge and advanced technical skills which tech enthusiasts are more familiar with to benefit from the reduced cost of using a proxy.

Proxy Types

There are a lot of proxy servers, but for the sake of copping sneakers via AIO bot, we would discuss the following:

Public Proxies

Public proxies are not in vogue anymore as they can be used by anyone and without regulation by an ISP. This offers no form of privacy and is not ideal for use in carrying out some activities that require anonymity like the use of bots or SEO.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are the most common types of proxies. They are not from any ISP but are provided by organizations like AWS, Azure Cloud, Digital Ocean, and so on that have the proxy server. Datacenter proxies provide you with a gateway to access the internet anonymously for purposes like scraping data, SEO activities, and so on. A data center proxy is primarily considered for hosting purposes rather than for human browsing.

Why You Need a Dedicated Datacenter Proxy

This type of data center proxy is private and assigned to one user. This way you can use it as you wish with a higher level of privacy, security, and anonymity. Unlike with the shared proxies with other users, you have to share the performance and stand a risk of your data being intercepted as it isn’t secure. Dedicated proxies offer faster internet connection but they come at a higher cost.

Datacenter proxies are commonly recognized and banned as coming from cloud service providers. To avoid this risk, residential proxies are to be used.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies unlike data center proxies are provided by ISPs. These IPs are not blocked by shoe companies or other sites as they are recognized as IPs of real users. So if your sneaker copping bot uses residential proxies, they won’t draw any attention or raise any red flag. That’s why it’s important to make use of this when you want to cop shoes via AIO bot.

When using residential proxies, your IP activity is easily overlooked. If the site attempts to ban the suspected user, it could end up banning the wrong user. Banning a subnet of the proxy could also block genuine connections, and it’s difficult to identify a particular IP address. So they are less likely to be banned.

Even though residential proxies are not usually banned, they are not as fast as data center proxies. Speed is an essential factor when copping sneakers, so dedicated proxies are more ideal, but if the retailer bans the IP address, then make use of residential proxies.

AIO Bot Guide

The Need for The AIO Bot

Normally if you want to have a pair of the latest sneakers release, you would have to wait for it to be launched into the market. Once it’s available, you would compete with everyone else for a chance to buy your dream shoe but most times, you would discover that they are all sold out already. How is this possible and what can be done?

You can stand a fair chance against other sneakers enthusiasts if you make use of an AIO Bot. Using proxies with your bot can allow you to make as many purchases as you want. proxies also allow you to make purchases anonymously. Rotating proxies are a type that would allow you to buy from different retailers with a new IP each time so that you appear as a new buyer each time.

With an AIO bot, the shoe is added to your cart automatically once released. Even if the site crashes, the bot keeps working as it tries repeatedly to add your favorite sneaker to your cart. Once the task is completed, you would get a notification informing you of the success.

Preparing for Copping

The use of AIO bot is important for those who love to collect newly launched limited-edition sneakers. If you always look forward to the release of a new collection, why not own one with the help of bots.

Once the announcement has been made for the sale of a new sneaker collection, you have to get ready. Find out the location of then launch and get proxies for those locations. Test your proxies and be sure that you are set to go. Have a pool of high-quality IP addresses. These will serve as your backup in case an IP gets banned, and will be used when rotating IPs for multiple purchases.

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Remember that speed is of utmost importance, so make sure you use fast proxies. Avoid public proxies for this purpose as they are slow and less secure. You would be providing sensitive information as you make the purchases, so you need a secure connection to protect your data. Use private proxies.

Be sure about the time of the sale as the products get sold out almost immediately they are released. The launch time for different locations are also different based on the time zone, so get this right too. These launches are once in a while, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity you have.

Copping The Sneakers

AIO Bot to Bypass All Traffic During Release

You can visit different shoe sites as a guest but not all of them support guest check out, and so you would have to log in to your account.

The Shoe Is to Be Released

At this point, you need to be ready. Click on details and mention the size you want. copy and paste the link, manage your tasks. Have your already tested proxies ready. Have your billing information ready too. Cross-check the time and location one more time. Right-click on the civil space and save. Have your credit card details ready too. Use different accounts to make payments with different IPs in case you would be making multiple purchases. At checkout, you can choose either auto or manual checkout.

Setting Up Proxies

Proxies could either be cheap or expensive, and it depends on whether it is a dedicated proxy or public proxy. Dedicated proxies are the only ones to be trusted and are the only ones to be used.

Create Test

Click to create a test and queue all the tasks. Open the captcha solver and be ready to use it. Run the tests for all necessary tools and be sure that they are ready to run.

Deeds Test

Login and make your selection. Solve the captchas and keep going. Once you have successfully copped a sneaker you would see a green highlight. Click on “check” and it would send you to the real Adidas web address.

The How, When and What Questions

When purchasing the limited-edition sneakers, your real IP address would have to be concealed and replaced with that of a proxy. They are different types of proxies as already stated, and you should go for the best among them all.

Test the proxies before time so you can be sure of what you are doing. Proxies may have been banned or maybe dead and if you don’t test them you wouldn’t know. Using this type of proxy when sales have begun may cost you your chance at making a purchase.

Billing Information, Multiple Payment Methods, Auto or Manual Checkout

Clicking on manage billing would cause the billing menu to pop up so you can provide your new billing information. Here you would have to fill out the necessary information about your credit card and billing address.

It’s the same thing for multiple billing addresses. After filling the information for one, you click on add and assign it to an account. Remember to use different billing addresses for different accounts. Clicking on manage billing tasks would produce the list of the billing info you have created.

Billing Information When Multiple Credit Cards Are Used

If you would be using multiple credit cards, have your billing information ready for each account. With one billing information would be able to cop only a pair of sneakers per website even if you have multiple credit cards. Trying to cop more than one pair with the same IP address could get you banned. With multiple credit cards, ensure that the billing addresses all vary.

Auto Check Out or Manual Check Out

With manual checkout, you may lose your card due to the long loading time. Your shoe also doesn’t appear in your cart sometimes with manual checkout and this method requires a lot of work. Auto checkout takes care of everything on your behalf.

The Final Preparations for Purchase of Shoes

Set Up Your Tasks

In setting up your tasks, you should note that its one task per IP address. When making your purchase, use your guest account, and input your shoe size. You can use the early link to gain access and get the keyword too. The more guest accounts you add to the bot, the more information you are to provide for each. Once the sales have begun, keep the bot running until the sneakers are sold out and your bot checks out. You can choose to check out either manually or automatically, but to reduce the chances of canceling your order, check out automatically.

Choose the right proxies for your task by first testing all your proxies and saving the good ones. Cop one pair per website and input the keywords in the page monitor.

Make Purchases Through a Mobile Phone

After all, preparations have been made, it’s important to note that the purchase is to be done using only a mobile phone. Using any other devices to place your order would make it void as only a mobile device validates orders.

Tips for Increasing Your Sneaker Copping Success

Even if you plan to cop shoes via AIO bot, it’s not enough as that’s just one part of the problem. To increase your chances of successful copping, you would need more than that. When sneakers are launched, every second count as they sell out quickly. So problems like slow connection and taking too long to solve captchas are bad for you.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in ensuring that your copping is a success.

1 . Use A Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be referred to as a cloud-connected computer. After setting up a VPS with the software you need on it, you can then connect to it via the cloud. A great advantage of using VPS is that it maximizes your computing power. For instance, if you use an old computer that has limited RAM or disc space, a VPS extends the limit as it allows you to tap into a virtual computer with high RAM capacity, giving you great speed.

Using a VPS is ideal if you are far away from the location you want to cop sneakers from, or if you require fast internet connection. For instance, if you are in Asia and want to cop sneakers from Adidas US, your computer would ping multiple servers to get to the Adidas site, leading to a slow connection. But with a VPS, you can rent a virtual desktop close to the site’s servers.

2. Proxies for Multiple Accounts

Many people don’t just purchase a single pair of sneakers, but cop multiple pairs of different sizes. To do this successfully, you would need to use multiple accounts using different IPs to avoid getting banned. You can solve this problem with the use of proxies as they provide you with several unique IP addresses. Sending each account through a proxy with its IP address shows you as a unique and different user each time and with AIO bot, you can easily make use of the proxy feature.

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3. Use A LAN Captcha Solver

LAN captcha solver is a new feature added to AIO bot and is meant to help in solving captcha faster. What the feature does is to share the bot’s captcha solver on your LAN. This way, anyone on the same network can help you solve the captcha, saving you time. This feature is necessary even if you are using auto captcha.

4. Use A Captcha Solving Service

When using AIO bot, you would solve multiple captchas manually until your sneakers are added to the cart. This process can be slow if you depend on yourself alone and that’s why you need to make use of a captcha solving service. Examples of this are 2captcha and anti-captcha.

5. Follow ANB/AIO (Another Nike Bot/All in One Bot) On Twitter

With increased security on copping sites, you need to be equipped with the best features your bot has to offer. One way of knowing when new features are released is by following ANB or AIO on twitter. ANB and AIO Bot’s twitter pages twit important information like launch information and to ensure you don’t miss out on any twit, activate your notification.

6. Two Software Licenses

Multiple attempts and running various tasks would increase your chances of copping sneakers, but there is a limit to which this is useful. Too many tasks run at the same time could cause your connection to lag and reduce your chances of being successful. With an extra AIO license, you can run the AIO bot on two different devices, splitting your tasks and maintaining optimum speed. This also gives you a backup means of copping if something goes wrong with one device.

7. Assign Tasks to Different Sites

Trying to cop from one site alone is a huge gamble as a lot of things can go wrong. What if the site has a very limited stock? Or if the site crashes? All would be lost and you would have to wait until another release. A better move is to run your bot on all retail sites and split your tasks between them if multiple sites launch at the same time.

8. Cop Multiple Billing Profiles

When you place an order shortly after placing a previous one, sites see it as duplicates and tend to cancel it. To prevent having your order canceled, make use of different accounts, different credit cards, and different shipping addresses. Apart from the use of multiple accounts to cop multiple sneakers, you won’t be stranded if something goes wrong with your card preventing you from purchasing. 

9. Cop Multiple Shoe Sizes

You may aim for a particular size of the latest release, but it’s as risky as copping from one site only. This is because the size may get sold out without you succeeding, so you need to try copping other sizes too. This would increase your chances of being a proud owner of the latest limited edition shoe. Don’t forget to make use of different accounts with different information when copping multiple shoes to avoid getting banned by the site.

When adding Adidas tasks, you don’t have to create multiple tasks with different sizes for each. You can add all sizes under one task using the ‘&’ symbol in the size field. For example, if you wear size 10, sizes 9.5 and 10.5 would still fit you. So instead of just 10, you can include 9.5 and 10.5 to have a better chance. Adding them all in the size field would be as follows; 9.5&10&10.5.

11. Check Out Manually

Having done everything right and gotten to order, the process may stall at this point. It’s common in the event of a site crash but you could still check out manually. An item may not go to check out automatically after being added to your cart. If this is your case, right-click on “added to cart task” and select the “checkout manually” option. Doing this will take you to the checkout page

12. Use The Right Tool

The tool you use in copping shoes depends on the site you are copping from. For instance, if you’re about to cop yeezys on the Adidas site, the best task to run is the HMAC tasks. Also, ensure that you are using the bot the right way.

Important Factors to Be Considered While Copping Sneakers

Copping sneakers from various locations increase your chances of having a successful purchase. For this, you would need a proxy with IP servers in the locations you wish to cop from. You would also need to have a valid means of payment for that location to avoid canceled orders. Register your prepaid cards that would be used on the bot beforehand.

If you can code and you want to create your bot, it’s fine, otherwise, you would need to buy a bot. lots of bots are available for you and examples to include ANB, BNB, Supreme HS, and EC.

Attempting to bypass the Adidas splash page could get you banned. Have proxies with a pool of IPs so you can switch between locations easily.

With an early link, your chances of succeeding are higher. This in combination with proxies will allow you to run many tasks for a higher success rate. To get early links you can use scraping software like Screaming frog, HypeSniper, and gScrape.

A dedicated server gives better performance than a VPS, so if you are confused between the two, your choice is now clear.


Does AIO Bot Work for Supreme?

Yes, AIO sneaker bots work perfectly for supreme. They have a separate setting for coping supreme stores and with your use of rotating proxies and a low restock delay, your chances of copping are higher.

Does AIO Bot Work for Nike Sneakers?

AIO bots are made to handle all copping tasks from various stores and not only do they work for Nike, but they also work for Shopify, Adidas, and Supreme stores.

What Is the Best Sneaker Bot?

there are a lot of sneaker bots, but AIO bots are easily one of the best around. They support copping from various sites like Shopify, Mesh sites, Adidas, yeezysupply, and all Footsites. Apart from their great performance, they are easy to use by everyone, even if you are new to the world of sneaker bots.

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Are Sneaker Bots Legal?

Sneaker bots are legal even though the use of bots to shop online goes against the retailer’s terms and conditions most times.

AIO Sneaker Bots Alternatives

There are a lot of AIO sneaker bot alternatives and it depends on what you want. sole slayer would enable you to cop different brands and websites like Shopify, Adidas, Nike, Frenzy, and Supreme. But if you are a diehard Nike fan, Nike shoe bot, and Another Nike Bot would be great for you. Supreme slayer is great for those who are after the supreme brand only.


The rush for limited-edition sneakers is likened to the survival of the fittest, and only a few would succeed at the end of the day. That’s why you need to be equipped with this ultimate guide to cop shoes via AIO bot. you can shop from different sites with this bot, and so you are not limited to a particular brand. For successful copping of multiple sneakers, you need a lot of proxies that promise speed and have IP servers in the necessary locations. Limeproxies offers you great speed that is necessary to have an advantage among other competitors, and several IP locations to choose from around the world. So no matter the location you wish to cop from, you are covered and stand a better chance with the use of the best tools at your disposal.

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