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Copping Shoes in 2020: A Complete Guide


Purchasing limited-edition sneakers is one of the hardest things you can do online, especially when its release has been hyped for so long. You may discover that before going online it has been completely sold out. Once?

Maybe just bad luck, but twice? They have to be a better way of copping shoes; something you are missing. The painful part of it all is that once you miss the purchase from the sites and your go-to retailers, you would have to pay even as high as 5 times the original price. It’s also seemingly impossible to make more than one purchase, so how do you go about it if you want to resell, or gift it to yourself and someone special?

Table of Content

1 . Main Shoe Copping Sites

2 . Sneaker Releases

3. Sneaker Bots

4. Sneaker Proxies

5. Sneaker Servers

6. Virtual Credit Cards

7. Discord Cook Groups

8. Copping Shoes

Sneaker bots are what you need. These bots are automated and they send multiple and rapid requests to the sites on your behalf, so you stand a better chance of copping the limited edition shoes successfully. You also need proxies to use with the bots to ensure they are not banned and also enable you to make more than one purchase.

Sneaker copping can undoubtedly be a bit stressful, but doable. You don’t need to be born with some kind of skill to be able to do it. What you need are the right tools, the right knowledge, and practice, then voila! And so in this article, we would take you from start to finish on everything you need to know about copping shoes.

How to Successfully Cop Shoes; The Ingredients

1 . Main Shoe Copping Sites

There are different sites for copping shoes, and the ones you choose depends on the shoes you want to purchase, and the sneaker bot you are using. Here are some of the sites:

1 . Demandware: this platform hosts Adidas sites and Yeezy sites

2. Footsites: this platform hosts Footlocker, EastBay, Footaction, and ChampsSports

3. Shopify: Shopify is a large eCommerce platform that hosts a lot of shoe shops like Jimmyjazz, Kith, Bape, and a lot more

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4. Mesh: different sites like JDSports, The Hip Store, and also Footpatrol make use of the Mesh platform. Its located in the European union

5. Nike: you will get access to either Nike.com or the Nike SNKRS app 

6. Supreme: this is the supremenewyork site and releases new items on Thursdays

Some of these sites may not ship to your region but you would always find middlemen to ship to your location.

2 . Sneaker Releases

a . Find A Release

Many copping websites provide information to the public about release dates and they are good to help you keep track of drops. To be best informed about release dates, don’t just depend on the website, but also follow them on twitter or your Discord cook group for live updates concerning the release.

b. Types of Releases

1 . First come, first served: this type of release follows the order of the fastest fingers. You can only successfully cop shoes in this type of release if you buy an item directly on the site and check it out successfully before it gets sold out.

2. Queue: this doesn’t involve buying directly but queuing. The website then randomly selects purchase entries using a raffle system. With this system, bots won’t be useful and so some retailers have been adopting this recently.

c. Drops and Restocks

1 . Drop: drop happens when a sneaker gets released for the first time. This is usually announced way before time so buyers can be aware and prepare.

2. Restock: when a sneaker is being sold again after getting sold out during a drop, it’s referred to as restock. They are not as predictable as drops and usually happen without much information to the public.

3. Sneaker Bots

With sneakers are releases, the use of bots in copping increases your chances of a successful purchase in two ways. They let you check out faster than you would if you handled it yourself, so chances are you would checkout before it gets sold out. Secondly, you can make multiple successful purchases with bots through the use of copping proxies.

You don’t need to make use of sneaker bots to cop shoes as some people still make successful purchases without using any bot. This is especially true with raffle systems since everything is random. But when speed is the criteria to cop shoes successfully, bots are necessary.

Even with raffle systems, you still need bots to better your chances as bots can enter the raffle a hundred times more than you can. So while single purchases may be possible without bots, multiple purchases for resale require bots to better your chances.

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They are different types of sneaker bots available and your choice of one depends largely on the site you wish to cop. They are Nike bots, Mesh bots, Supreme bots, and a lot more. If you cop multiple websites, you can go for the All-in-One (AIO) bot as it supports more than one website even though they might not be as efficient as the specific bot for the site.

Just like limited-edition sneakers, the best sneaker bots are not always in stock and you may end up buying them in the aftermarket. You’ll pay more for it, and might even end up getting scammed. So use a middleman whose specialty is the purchase of sneaker bots rather than do it yourself.

4. Sneaker Proxies

Proxies offer you different IP addresses that you can use with your sneaker bot. this way, your bot appears to have multiple identities, and the requests it sends appear to be coming from different people and in different places. The ability to change location and IP is particularly useful when avoiding IP blocks.

You don’t necessarily need a proxy if you want to cop one pair of sneakers as your single IP can be enough. But to further increase your chances of winning, it’s best you send more requests.

Residential proxies are considered to be the best types of proxies for copping sneakers as they are from real devices and locations. This makes them more difficult to be recognized as proxies unlike with datacenter proxies.

When choosing proxy locations, make sure to choose the right ones. For example, the main locations to choose in the US are New York, Ashburn, and Chicago.

5. Sneaker Servers

A sneaker server is fundamentally another computer you can control using your PC. They are used for three purposes when copping:

1 . They allow you to cop faster by reducing ping to the proxies and also the retailer’s website. This is especially important when copping Supreme website where speed is necessary. Sneaker servers are not as important for websites that operate using the queue.

2. Sneaker servers allow you to run more tasks on your bot as they are more powerful than most computers used at home. By doing so, they increase your chances of successful purchase as an increase in the number of tasks gives you the advantage to cop more sneakers.

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3. Since the majority of sneaker bots are for windows only, using a sneaker server can allow your bot to run on a macOS or Linux computer.

So you may only need a sneaker server if you are using macOS, copping from Supreme where speed is essential, or running multiple tasks at the same time. If you decide you need sneaker servers, popular options you can go for are Google Cloud Services, Dedicated Sneaker Servers, and also Amazon Web Services.

6. Virtual Credit Cards

Most sneaker sites don’t permit the use of the same credit card to pay for multiple purchases and this can be a problem during checkout. So if you are reselling and are purchasing multiple pairs of sneakers, you would require virtual credit cards. Virtual credit cards can be opened for a certain task, and they have a set allowance too. You don’t have to do much and it’s easy to take multiple ones out at once.

For those in the US, a popular virtual credit card provider is Privacy. Those in the UK and other regions can make use of Revolut.

7. Discord Cook Groups

A cooking group is a source of information where you can chit chat and get updates about sneaker releases. They can tell you which sites will sell what and when, and also give you links and keywords for your bot. it helps you monitor restock, helps you get proxies, and provides resale tools and advice if you need any.

A cooking group is an important ingredient for successful copping and is necessary if you want to take copping seriously.  Some bots have their cook groups which are useful so you can get setup instructions for the bot. access to a bot-specific discord group can also be your license key so hold on to it.

8. Copping Shoes

A real release would follow this format usually. Your bot is set up and running in a powerful PC you are running from home. You have tasks created and ready for the drop and have your proxies setup too.

Your billing profile is good and you have farmed CAPTCHAs. You are in a cooking group, chit-chatting and anticipating the release; waiting for instructions. Shortly before the release, you receive keywords and links to feed to your bot. All this while your bot monitors the site for changes and so also the cook group.

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Suddenly the release monitor goes off indicating the drop has begun. Your set tasks all go into action and you may experience some losses. Finally, a win, more losses, and more wins too. You benefit and it’s worth it. It’s exhausting but greatly rewarding and you are happy about the outcome. You leave your bot running a while longer just in case they restock so you can go for more.

Copping shoes is hard and very unpredictable and can be heartbreaking when your setup doesn’t yield good results immediately. But with each success comes a sense of achievement and relief that makes it all worth it.


Copping shoes is one of the most difficult purchases you can make on the internet due to the amount of traffic that all go in for the same kill. Using bots gives you a better advantage and chance of successfully copping, and for an even better chance, use proxies.

Copping proxies increase your chances as your bots can send multiple requests from different IPs while avoiding bans; the more requests, the better your chances. Proxies are also necessary if you want to make multiple purchases, and to ensure all goes well until the end, your choice of proxies has to be nothing but the best.

Highly recommended is limeproxies. They provide you with virgin dedicated IPs so you have great performance all to yourself. With a speed of up to 1 Gbps, and a customer care service that’s always available to solve your queries, you can expect nothing but the best user experience. There are different server locations to choose from, all of which are put in place to ensure that you get the desired results in the end.

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