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7 Lesser Known Instagram SEO Secrets for Boosting Business Reach


Instagram has become a popular social media platform, and since 2019 has reached over 1 billion active users every month. It is popular than Twitter and LinkedIn today.

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1 . Optimize your profile on Instagram

2. List the primary keyword of your business in your @username, and display name

3. Secondary keywords should be placed in the Instagram bio

4. Hashtags should be treated like keywords

5. Include your secondary keywords in the Instagram captions for images

6. Optimize the alt text of Instagram

7. Use Analytics for tracking

If you are a business and wish to reach out to your targeted audience via Instagram, you need to post content that gives your users the opportunities to engage with the business brand they love. 

How can a search engine play a role in Instagram? 7 Instagram SEO Secrets

Search engine optimization for Instagram- this might sound surprising to you, but it is true!

You can use SEO techniques for Instagram to optimize your business brand on Instagram. You can drive organic likes and followers to your platform effectively if you know how SEO works. The first thing you need to do is to imagine Instagram to be like the search engine Google and deploy strategies that help you to invoke visibility and web traffic to your brand. 

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The following are some lesser-known secrets to help you understand how search engine optimization techniques can be effectively used to boost web traffic and online visibility-

1 . Optimize your profile on Instagram

To boost the user experience on Instagram, you should –

1 . Make your Instagram profile public 

2. Select a brand profile image that is colorful 

3. Create a @username that can be easily recognized and searched . . 

4. Register for a business account on Instagram

5. Post a business website link on your Instagram Bio

2. List the primary keyword of your business in your @username, and display name

Instagram is like a search engine except in a smaller version if you compare it to Google. You need to work with this app to choose the right terms in its search bar. For this, you should highlight your primary keyword; for instance, if you own a bakery shop, the user will use the keyword “bakery” mostly to conduct searches like “bakery shops,” “bakery goods,” etc. So, if you use the term “bakery” in your @username, your business will show up first in the search results for all the suggested bakery accounts on Instagram. 

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For better success, make sure you use the term “bakery” in your display name and @username to successfully boost the chances of being detected by Instagram’s algorithms.

3. Secondary keywords should be placed in the Instagram bio

Once you have placed the primary keyword in your display and @username, the next step is to include your secondary keywords in your Instagram bio. These secondary keywords are the words that revolve around your primary keyword. 

Take the example of the previous point, “bakery.” Your secondary keywords here could be “wedding cakes,” ” birthday cakes,” ” pastries,” “cupcakes,” etc. You should create an Instagram bio that includes these secondary keywords to make it interesting and fun for users to read.

Your Instagram Bio should be crafted well to attract the targeted audience and get real Instagram likes, views, and followers. If you want to increase visibility online and boost more web traffic, you can purchase real likes, views, and followers from Blastup.

4. Hashtags should be treated like keywords

After you have optimized your Instagram Profile, the next step is to optimize your post’s content. Note, this process is an ongoing one, and you must pay a lot of attention to it.

There are several users on Instagram who will not search directly search for you. They will discover your business through a hashtag on a post. It would help if you had a hashtag strategy in place for every one of your posts on Instagram. These hashtags are like your secondary keywords that orbit over your primary keywords.

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Take the example of a gym by the brand name, for instance, ABC Fit.  When the business posts content about the gym, they should include the brand name in the hashtags they use like #ABCfitness, and with that, they could add associated hashtags like #healthylife, #exercisetostayfit, #goodhealth #gymlife, etc.

The prudent use of hashtags wisely gives your targeted audience an improved chance of finding you without hassles on Instagram. The key point to be kept in mind here is relevance and diversity.

5. Include your secondary keywords in the Instagram captions for images

Like the text content you post on Instagram, you should mention the secondary keywords in all your captions for images. The caption should be crafted well and compelling enough to attract present and potential users. 

When the caption is posted in the right way, it shows up in Instagram’s search results.

6. Optimize the alt text of Instagram

This is a new feature you will find on Instagram, so many users are not aware of it. Instagram alt text can be used in your captions for images.  It is targeted to help users who are visually impaired to enjoy Instagram as well.

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However, it has an added SEO advantage as you can use the alt text to your photos. To access this feature, you need to click on the “advanced settings” of your page located at its bottom. Select the option and choose the “write alt text” option. From here, you can write the description for the image posted on Instagram.

7. Use Analytics for tracking

If you deploy SEO techniques for boosting your business, you must ensure you track all your social media posts with the help of Instagram’sfeature for Analytics. You can extract the data from a specific date to check whether the post was successful for your business or not. In this way, you can make changes to the strategies you embrace on Instagram for attaining your social media goals. 

From the above, it is evident that search engine optimization is not limited to websites. Use it liberally for your social media posts as well. See the remarkable effect it will have to boost web traffic and online visibility for your business. Follow these tips and use them daily to reach out better to the targeted audience and boost your business presence in the online market with success!

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