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How to choose between residential ips and data-center IPs?


Both residential IP addresses and data-center IPs offer a way for Internet users to hide their real IP address and, in effect, provide us with anonymity. Now, why would anyone want to hide their IP address?  IP addresses make up an important part of our digital fingerprint, along with the websites we visit, the browsers we use, and our device settings. What makes an IP address truly unique is...

The Top 5 Guidelines for Scraping Amazon Safely


There are several legitimate reasons for scraping Amazon data, while there are also dubious and questionable ones which will not be tackled in this article. These licit reasons include keeping watch of pricing and other competitor data, with the goal of getting ahead of them.  Other businesses operating in the same industry as yours are mostly likely scraping Amazon for these data as well, so you...

Why Every Online Marketing Agency Should Use a Proxy Service?


The Internet has changed several industries, including the marketing industry. Gone are the days when marketers need to go from house to house, handing out survey forms in the hopes of getting some insights into what people want. The Internet has also introduced tools and systems that have become necessities and indispensable for marketers, and proxies are one of these things. Unfortunately, some...

Conduct Anonymous Competitive Analysis through Private Proxies


If your product is in trend and is widely used then it is for sure that you will have a lot of customers, parallelly it is also true that you have a lot of similar service providers with more or fewer features, the main idea of this topic is how to develop or rather improvise your service or your website by analyzing your competitors website. A competitor can be 1 or 10 it depends on how you want...

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