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What is a Sneaker Bot?


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Everything you need to know about Sneaker bots is covered in this article:

What to expect?

1 . What is a sneaker bot?

2. Benefits of sneaker bot

3. How do sneaker bots function?

4. How sneaker proxies can help enhance your sneaker bot performance?

5. How to choose the right sneaker bot?

6. Best sneakers bots you can get started with

Let’s get started.

What is a sneaker bot?

Sneaker bots is a software that automates your checkout process.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

There is a sale for the next Nike limited edition sports shoe. You know how much you want that. You are looking at the timer waiting to add that shoe in the cart. The timer is over and you start to add the shoe in the cart, complete any other information required and you just hit your checkout button.

But you just saw this message, ‘Sold out’. You are in awe because how can someone go so fast and make the purchase when the limited edition process just opened. This happened due to the presence of a sneaker bot.

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The sneaker bot is fast and it conducts multiple purchases that look like multiple users but it is actually done by one user. Everything is automated which means the checkout process would be twice faster than what you would do, and who can actually beat the machine speed?

Sneaker bots are growing because what you want isn’t going to get to you easily. 

Let’s learn more about this.

Benefits of Sneaker bots

1. Automated process

Sneaker bots are automated which means you can just relax and wait for your order confirmation to take place. There are less manual efforts and more chances of your checkout processes to be filled faster.

2. High chances of receiving the product

Since the process is automated and multiple checkouts are being conducted by one single user, there are high chances of you actually receiving the product. 

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3. Legal process

There are no laws stating that using a bot is wrong or that this isn’t an illegal process. If it is done without malicious intent, it is fine. Bots are even being openly sold from legit websites as well. 

So, how does this sneaker bot do its work?

How do sneaker bots function?

You need to first understand that bots have the capability to act like a human and solace the CAPTCHA queries. 

What a bot would do is it would constantly monitor a website and the minute the product is in stock, it will immediately add it in the cart and conduct the checkout process. 

The bots are run by operators on specialist Sneaker servers and devices with the help of reliable proxies so that identity revelation doesn’t take place.

Let’s understand the last statement in depth.

How sneaker proxies can help enhance your sneaker bot performance?

Sneaker proxies are add ons.

They can secure your sneaker bot performance better.

Now that you are aware that the sneaker bot is automated and it can conduct multiple checkouts from one user, by looking like it’s from different users, there is a risk it also holds.

The risk of identity being revealed. 

If your identity is revealed, it can go bad such as reporting the user or blocking of your accounts or IP address and this can cause a hindrance in your activity.

To avoid this, making use of a sneaker proxy can help you.

With the sneaker proxy, all you need to do is use it when you are conducting your bot action. It will ensure that your identity is being hidden and the risk is eliminated.

Pro tip: When choosing a proxy for conducting such an action ensure that the below things are being covered:

1. Great support system

All users may not be technical when it comes to resolving any errors with the proxies. Hence a good proxy provider would be the one that offers great support in times like these. The support systems need to be 24/7 present to cater to users who are experiencing any problems.

Support services are looked upon by multiple users hence it is necessary that when you invest in a private proxy service provider, their support game is on point.

2. High internet speed

Another feature you need to keep in mind when choosing the best proxy server is the speed rate. As a business, there will be much work for you to conduct using the online platform and in this case, if you have a slower internet speed, chances are your work will slow down and so will the productivity levels.

Hence to avoid that, it is advisable to invest in a proxy service that offers a good internet speed so that you can conduct efficient online activities without any risk or stoppage.

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3. A high number of proxies

Another feature you need to take into consideration is the number of proxies being offered to you. Conducting online activities with so many limitations isn’t safe as your brand can stand a chance of being blocked. To avoid that, invest in a proxy server that offers you a good amount of proxies so that your IP address doesn’t get tampered.

The number one reason why many brands like yours fall under the trap of getting blocked is because your IP addresses disclose the location you reside in, hence when you invest in the best private proxy services, you decrease the chances of revealing your identity. 

4. Good security

Another feature you need to keep in mind when investing in a proxy service is whether the proxy is secure enough. Every proxy service will be passing through requests and saving data in the cache so that it becomes easier for you to view the same data another time.

But because it is saved in the cache there are chances where it can be exhibited or exploited hence it is necessary for you to identify which private proxy servers are better in terms of security so that you are able to conduct efficient online activities without any errors

Now that we have moved past the function of sneaker bot, let’s also view the below information that can help you understand how to recognize the right sneaker bot which can match your needs.

How to choose the right sneaker bot?

Vital points to remember:

1. Ensure that your bots support all types of websites, an example could be AIO bot. 

2. Ensure your Bot gets a hold of restocks because at times orders get cancelled after the drop ends and what the retailers would do is they would restock it again which means you need to continue your purchasing game

3. Such situations such as limited editions are never planned, it could be a surprise too so you need to ensure that your bot is always available for purchases.

4. Ensure that just like how you invest in the best sneaker proxies, you do the same for your sneaker bot investments as well

Why don’t you take a look at the best sneaker bots that you can get started with? We’ve got you covered.

Best sneakers bots you can get started with

1. AIO Bot

Sneaker Bot

AIO stands for all in one bot and it is considered to be the best one among the lot. 

Why should you invest in it?

1 . Supports all websites such as Shopify, Adidas and more

2. Best sneaker bot to use if you’re a beginner

3. Provides an availability factor so that your purchases are conducted without fail


$325 with $69 subscription fee a month

2. Balko Bot

Sneaker Bot

Balko bot is another great sneaker bot. It also supports Shopify, Supreme, and more.

Why should you invest in it?

1 . Achieved a high success rate

2. Provides OOS bot too

3. Renting Balko isn’t hard as you can find the keys on Twitter or discord

The Bottom Line…

As promised and proved, Sneaker bot is an investment that you need to conduct as you have seen how it can help you capture limited edition products from your favorite websites.

Before you head out to give it a try, let’s conduct a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:

1 . Sneaker bots is a software that automates your checkout process.

2. Benefits of sneaker bots are it is automated and more

3. We covered the process of how sneaker bots are being conducted

4. Sneaker proxies are add ons. They can secure your sneaker bot performance better.

5. To choose the right sneaker bots to ensure that they support all websites and more

6. Best sneaker bots to get started with are Balko and AIO Bot.

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