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How to Perform Secure Data Analysis at Scale?


The history of data analysis dates back more than 1000 BC during the Egyptian era and is more relevant than ever in 2018. This shows how important data analysis is and will continue to be. Data analysis refers to the technique of collecting raw data, analysing it and transforming it into information that can be used to reach a specific conclusion. Let’s see the various stages of data...

How to use Steam on a Proxy Network – Step by Step Guide


Are you a gamer? If yes, then you must be knowing Steam? But, do you know how can you use Steam on a  Proxy Network? Let us discuss Steam before we discuss using Steam on a Proxy Network. Steam is basically a digital sharing platform dedicated to gaming. It is developed by Valve Corporation. The main services provided by steam are purchasing and playing video games. Along with that Steam also...

Voice Search SEO – Steps To Create Voice Search Optimization Strategy


Few things about voice search:- Voice search was just a technical fun element when it was released. Did you forget noob virtual assistant Siri and its hilarious answers to even very simple questions?  Time has changed and so has changed the voice search. Today, voice search is no longer a noob, it has improved a lot. People who used to run away from using voice assistants are now asking voice...

How to set up NGINX Reverse Proxy?


Introduction To understand the concept and functionality of a NGINX reverse proxy there are a few things that are to be known first. Among those, understanding the operation of a proxy server, getting a basic idea of reverse proxies, and a few other things are paramount. Otherwise, setting up a NGINX reverse proxy would be next to impossible. So here are a few primary things that should help in...

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