Latest SEO Trends and Google Algorithm Update 2018


It is now the middle of the year 2018. The trends in SEO and Google algorithm, which remained as predictions at the beginning of the year, are now becoming clearer and more distinct. Voice search, mobile-first indexing, artificial intelligence, RankBrain, machine learning, high search personalization, among many others are emerging as areas of Google algorithm update 2018 where the trend is...

How to Use B2B SEO to Generate High-Quality Leads?


Has SEO become ineffective in generating high quality B2B leads? Many businesses think that this is so. There is just too much competition going around and it is next to impossible to generate B2B leads through content. More and more businesses are finding it hard to find the perfect SEO strategy that will help them in generating leads. In this article, we will explore how to make SEO for B2B...

Which proxy is best for SEO campaigns?-Paid or free


In the world of modern web, more efforts than ever are required to make your website stand out as compared to the billions of others out there. With all that competition out there, it is now harder than ever to reach the top rankings in search with some simple, run of the mill SEO. Your SEO strategy needs to be innovative and dynamic, and keep pace with the newest trends — whether you are...

How Developers use Premium Proxies


In this era of digital and virtual networks, proxies have played a very important role helping people be anonymous on the web, but do you really think that the use of premium proxies is limited to just being anonymous? You should know that every technical aspect has its own hidden feature and most of them are brought to light by network experts or developers. In this topic, we will be discussing...

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