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The Ultimate SEO Checklist in 2019


‘’SEO Industry is poised to reach $80 billion.’’

The SEO industry has now become a crucial factor for any B2B business with regards to their content marketing strategies. It has become so impactful that SEO has been considered to drive a 14.6% conversion rate alone in recent years. For a business seeking a great lead capture number, SEO justifies its existence well. 

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1 . What is SEO?

2. How SEO works?

3. How to rank and receive organic traffic from your content pieces?

In 2019 and the years to come, content marketing is slowly becoming the next sales factor after cold calling. From creating and sending bulk emails, campaigns, blogs, social media posts, and many other measures, content is grasping heights to help brands tap and convert qualified leads quicker. ‘’In 2018, B2B marketers rate blog articles as the most effective content format in the awareness stage, whitepapers during consideration, and case studies during decision.’’

With content now becoming a significant measure to capture lead attention, with the competition growing tougher, what would make your content stand out? Even if brands create the finest solution to sell to their target audience, if it doesn’t reach them, there is no point in exhibiting that solution.

This is exactly how and why SEO can guide you through. In this guide, you will not just learn what an SEO is, you will be covering the main agenda which is,’ how it can help your business grow?’.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process where it helps to rank your content on the top Google search with the help of the keywords your prospect would likely type upon.

For instance, say a brand writes a blog post on proxy servers and how it can benefit businesses. For it to rank as the top searches, it needs to find the keywords which will direct prospects to the article. Since the topic is about proxy servers, the keywords that prospects would likely search would be proxy, proxy servers, free proxy servers, proxy servers for business and so on. Now in your article, if you have applied even one of those keywords, your article will automatically show up when prospects search for it. 

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When we want to find a solution or need assistance to queries we simply go on Google and type our needs and the first 5 answers that we see, are most likely what we will click on. This is the role SEO plays.

With SEO:

  • Prospect attention can be triggered quickly since your content will be the first solution they see on their screen
  • Analyzing the clicks, opens helps determine the warm leads which are efficient for a brand to capture them instantly
  • Another road is being created so that prospects can find their ideal solutions quicker
  • Content marketing can be shaped according to the interest of prospects which will benefit a brand with better engagement 
  • Helps to target the right audience and send them solutions which will win them over and bring them more closely to the brand

How SEO works?

Step 1:

You create an article and publish it on a website.

Step 2:

The search engine you place it in, which in this case is Google will crawl your website to get an understanding of the information you have listed is all about.

Step 3: 

Your website will then be placed in various categories and search terminologies matching your type of information.

Step 4:

When users find your website with the keywords they have used and this action continues to take place more frequently, your article will be ranked as the top 1 henceforth.

To beat the tough competition, there are many brands today that are going under the process of buying traffic. Many believe that paid traffic can speed up their engagements with prospects and help close sales quicker.

Yes, and on the other side there are quality companies that offer high quality link building service like OutreachMama which will help you build and keep your highest online presence.

But what happens here is that this won’t be a great idea for the long run.

SEO is a great medium to engage and capture leads when done by generating organic traffic. It isn’t an easy process but it’s valuable in the long run. When your paid traffic slowly starts to fade away, the organic traffic will continue to bloom with more lead captures and conversions.

Here is an ultimate SEO Checklist in 2019.

How to rank and receive organic traffic from your content pieces?

seo checklist

1. Increase dwell time for better lead capture

dwell time

Source: Adhefs

Dwell time refers to the time spent by a user when they land on your content page. This is an essential factor which many brands fail to take seriously. With dwell time you can identify how well your content has made an impact on your prospects. For example, if a prospect spends less time on your content page, that means their need hasn’t been completely fulfilled. The reason why they are leaving is that the content they saw didn’t satisfy their needs and are looking for other sources that could help them.

If you aim to generate leads quicker, ensure that the content is written keeping in mind that prospects should have all their queries resolved and their need answered. Cover every aspect where prospects can find an instant solutions and stay longer on the content page. The longer they stay, the better will your content tap their attention. 

2. Allow CTR’s to skyrocket ranking

CTR stands for click-through rates which as its name says focuses on how many clicks a website has received. For instance, CTR can be placed in the side of the blog or when a user clicks on a blog to read it or even during the end of the blog so that it triggers engagement and the need to learn more from the action.CTR can be placed anywhere during the blog reading, at the side, in the end, and even in keywords. CTR is a great solution to determine how many leads have shown interest, how effective campaigns, support solution, and other factors are. 

3. Extend SERP outreach


Source: Youtube

SERP stands for search engine results pages. This is a great solution to increase organic traffic as well as raise your ranking opportunities. To have a great SERP, follow the below pointers:

  • Create an impactful SEO title that is no less than 70 characters.

Source: Prospecta

Ensure that your title specifically justifies what solution will be offered. Use brackets and include the type of audience who has to read your blog for instance ‘’How marketers can sell campaigns in 2019?’’

  • Attract target audiences with meta descriptions that don’t pull more than 160 characters.

target audience

Source: Prospecta

Write an attractive copy, use a different text not similar to the SEO title and list down a longer meta substitute in textual form. Use effective keywords and bold them for easy viability and understanding. 

  • Have URLs that can work its charm with prospects. URLs a great way to trigger the attention of prospects to learn in-depth and stumble upon your website in no time. Ensure that all the URLs are listed properly and are updated if any changes. 
  • Structure your data with the use of videos, URLs that can give way to addressing your information more. If you post content regularly, you can have structured data that reflects all the postings related to the concerned topic when prospects can view it in one place.
  • Optimize content so that it appears on the feature snippets. 

target audience

Source: Prospecta

Feature snippets are the content that appears before the list of solutions on Google. It is a great way of triggering the attention to the first click on that instead of the other listings below it. Monitor the right keywords which would shift your content in the snippet position, track down what users are looking for like definitions, meanings, lists and many more.

4.  Emphasize more on Featured snippets

featured snippets

Source: Proceedinnovative

Have you noticed that when a user types for information on the browser they immediately get the following results, but before that, there is a small box that triggers the attention the first thing you see on that page? That box is called featured snippet. It displays information about a website that acts as a great mechanism to make prospects click on it.

Ensure that your content is optimized so that it displays in the minds of users that it is a good source of information which will meet their needs. Answer more questions related to a topic, apply sufficient and relevant keywords and lastly write engaging and helpful content will enhance your featured snippet much more clearly and better.

5. Drive your focus more on content creation

There is no point in spending large sums of money on content measurements when the foundation itself isn’t right. Content is another great way to tap the attention of prospects. But if the content fails to satisfy the needs of prospects, brands can experience a lower sales number. To ensure the content is being created exceptionally, always keep in mind the following things:

  • A catchy and brilliant title
  • Content should clear all doubts prospects to have
  • Should have clear and simple to read and understand solutions
  • Should include right backlinks where prospects can find their way to reach the ultimate solution
  • Impactful keywords that could lead prospects to the article more sooner
  • Creative images, graphics, and videos which compel prospects to understand the solution they need more easily
  • A complete structure of content which yields information and guides prospects on how they can resolve their issues

Content has the power to convince and retain prospects to learn more about the brand offering the solution and with the balance of SEO, the right keywords can guide your prospects to find you through the crowd. 

6. Make use of LSI keywords

LSI Keywords

Source: Backlinko

LSI stands for latent Semantic Indexing. Previously when Google had to search for keywords in a blog, they would consider the blog relevant to a topic on noticing that the keyword density was high in the content. But today LSI is taking a different change. Using keywords is great but using it too much can put off a user’s attention away from the blog.

Hence with LSI, the keywords are used where the density lies anywhere between 1% to 3%. So what Google does is, it finds the particular keywords used as well as other factors that contribute to in any form, for instance, if you speak about content marketing, the keywords would be content, market, content planning, content creation, writing and many more. This is a great mechanism because it differentiates your content from the other spammy content with similar keywords, ranks the content in the right category for instance if you have content written about content marketing and content courses, google will scan the content understand the difference and segregate in the right sector.

With the help of semantically related searches, Google pushed the relevant content according to the searches enquired. These actions contribute to healthier and organic traffic where the leads captured are genuinely interested prospects. 

7. Make use of Google’s unique technique,‘Mobile-First Index’

Mobile First Index

Source: Aumcore

‘’Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic.’’

Besides this, today everybody accesses data from their smartphones. Whether it is forming minute information or bigger news, a smartphone has become the closest and convenient source to access information. The Mobile-first index is a unique technique that is at the tip of the tongue in every conversation.

Since you are aware that SEO can strain more focus and attention on capturing leads and directing them closer to your content source, did you know that if this action takes place on the mobile, your traffic can grow higher as well as the efficient experience can gain brands extra brownie points. What Google does is instead of indexing the desktop version first, it starts with the mobile version.

Understanding that it owns a high amount of mobile search traffic it is advisable if brands also start using mobile devices to conduct the same action as the desktop because it would lead to greater user experience and more rankings. To conduct an efficient mobile-first index, the following information can help you:

  • Structure content in the right fit according to the mobile display
  • Ensure the content can be crawled without any hassles
  • Verify mobile search option on Google
  • Place metadata, URLs, and keywords in the mobile versions as well since it impacts the rankings as well

Mobile-first index is a unique algorithm update by Google and also a great initiative to drive higher rankings and get you organic traffic not just from the usual desktop version but also from a source that is widely being depended on to view information in a tap. 

8. Video can boost higher sales


Source: Bruce Clay

‘’51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI’’

It’s 2019 and if you want to multiple prospects attention, get the hang of video content. ‘’59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.’’ Videos have a great way of triggering attention towards it. From its short but vital content, use of colour, and eye-catching graphics, this measure can be a great tool to tap leads quicker. Video is gaining a higher rise in demand because ‘’Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.’’

To create compelling video content with SEO, implement the following techniques:

  • Conduct keyword research from Youtube since many video users will visit youtube for the relevant content
  • Identify the type of audience you want to target in your video
  • Create a great video title that attracts attention and optimize it further
  • Having a great thumbnail option too helps to garner more attention
  • When you post your videos, use efficient tags which will fall in the relevant categories of your content topic
  • Share your video on social media and other platforms by using the right keywords on each channel.

Video has more chances of getting views when compared to textual form. This is great as it garners brands more organic traffic since the prospects viewing the solution you are offering are interested in what is spoken.

9. Conduct selling activities with Youtube


Source: Smart Insights

‘’YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.’’

Today almost everybody is on Youtube. This video platform is garnering many views, attractions, shares and likes from many videos being posted. Today Youtube is the central hub for prospects to find any information they need on anything. In 2019, brands can take the assistance of Youtube to sell better to clients. For instance, when you sell solutions to clients, speaking about the benefits or creating an image of how the solution would be doesn’t make much impact when compared to showing them a video.

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With such a creation,brands can sell better with a video that can contrast their selling pitch. ‘’ 68% of YouTube users watched a video to help them make a purchase decision’’ which means that the chances of lead conversions skyrocket the roof with every video being viewed. Today’s any brand requires a visual impact which helps prospects to have a clear picture of what they are investing in, with Youtube brands can not only sell better but also attract clients faster.

10.  Use impactful videos to add value to blog posts

impactful videos

‘’B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not’’

Blogs have become a great mechanism that can help brands to successfully pull prospects towards them easily. Blogs created by brands whether a long content creation or small offer an impactful solution that prospects require to resolve their issues. But despite having such a huge demand in its creation, there are still some prospects who fail to last even one minute on a blog post or don’t even click it at all. When you are implementing a blog post and have the relevant keywords which can trigger attention to your potential prospects retain their attention further with video creation. When you post videos as a part of your blog this is what happens:

  • Higher dwell time
  • Higher lead attention captured hence more chances of conversions

Creating a video and placing it in the blog posts can yield better lead responses. For instance, with the SEO techniques, you can easily rank your blog posts as number #1, divert lead attention with the right keywords as well as promote and explain your solution much easier with a video clipping that will stay in the minds of your prospects much longer. Ensure the following is completed to conduct this action:

  • Create relevant video according to the topic
  • Place it in blog posts where the text and video will sync better
  • While adding effective keywords, also use video tags which can help you draw more attention to the video
  • Make the video short, understandable and attractive to the leads gaze


11. Frame content with more questions and searched answers

frame content

Source: Neil Patel

Your content needs to hold everything that prospects expect from it. In simpler terms, content needs to answer all the questions and respond to answers that are most frequently asked. When brands can do that, the content automatically ranks higher. Prospects will always listen and adapt to brands who have a solution to all their queries and if you’re just selling your solution and not answering the relevant content, chances are your prospect may not be interested in what you have to offer.

A great example here is quora. Quora answers relevant questions and also asks questions which is why when you type a question on Google, you will often see quora answers ranking as one among the top 3. A great way to get more organic traffic to your website would be to use platforms like Quora or other social media handles where you answer prospects questions or share answers and then link the keywords to your website. This is an effective way of garnering more leads.

12. Sync content and relevant links together

sync contact

Source: Siteimprove

Another great way to receive organic traffic and rankings is to frame links and content keywords. For instance, when a blog is written, you can incorporate keywords that prospects find more easily as well as add links that can direct them to your website. This not only engages them better but also puts your website in front of receiving their attention. With an effective backlink, content has the potential to stand out from the crowd, add an expertise weight to the content voice, improve quality as well as have the opportunity to be shared among other well known brands in return for promoting their quotes, content or any other factors To conduct this action you need to:

  • Write impactful content with sufficient keywords
  • Any reference which speaks about what your brand has to offer add a link to the word or sentence so that when prospects are reading it they can easily click on it for further details which will direct them to your website
  • Ensure that these links and content framework are conducted well because it adds a huge advantage in the SEO technique. 
  • Promote other brands on your blog posts so that they can share it and their target audience will find you better.


13. Work on effective website E-A-T


Source: SEO Inc

E-A-T stands for expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness and these 3 factors play a crucial role in ranking and getting your website the organic factor it requires. Expertise refers to how you use the content to frame how experienced you are about the topic. Adding the author’s name, speaking about the expertise they hold in the industry and what insights they have shared in the content being created all add up to explain how well versed and expertise the content is. Authoritativeness speaks more about ownership of the content.

To strike such ownership requires brands to answer questions, share experiences, comment and share opinions and also adding a touch of knowledge about the topic being spoken in the content. Lastly, trustworthiness refers to the trust prospects have when they read the content. When a prospect trusts that the content they are reading and the place it is published are from genuine sources and the owner of the content is from expertise, prospects tend to apply the solution being sold to them as well as come back for more. For this to happen, ensure that your content includes stats, quotes, experiences, examples, graphs, and surveys which helps to get the trustworthy factor.

With these 3 powerful words, your content will be monitored and once it approves all the checklist, the content will stand a chance to outsell competitors and rank it higher on search engines.

14. Eliminate the use of Zombie pages

Have you had pages, content or other information sources that are no longer in use or have been outdated? It’s great if you update it once but did you know that if this scenario was in the concept of zombie pages, the website traffic would be affected. Zombie pages can cause huge harm to SEO activities. It pulls away from your website traffic, too many of its existence can cause a lower ranking or no ranking at all and if no precautions are taken to eliminate it can spread around your activities and damage it as well. The only way you can eliminate such action is by monitoring. When you keep a close check of the pages that are not working well or have faded away, you can either delete it permanently or update it. When you do this, zombie actions stay far away and cause lesser damage to SEO activities.’’If a main navigation page isn’t worth looking at, people won’t bother to click deeper into the site to look at more specific information. One page’s poor structure or poor performance thus causes others to suffer.’’

15. Start Podcasting

The podcast is the next trending thing running in B2B brands. Podcasts are audio messages where a person or a group of people speak about a topic to help provide a solution on a particular topic.

Podcasts are great because whether it is for research purposes or to gain insights, it is a great mechanism for prospects to find a solution with it. It is also a great SEO advantage since on podcasts you can display links of websites offering a solution, can include keywords while giving a brief description of the podcast as well as rank better since common questions are being answered with greater expertise and insights. Podcasts grow prospects count since they have a high level of engagement with them. To get your podcast growing:

  • Create videos to help the prospect to find a solution
  • Mention keywords in the podcast descriptions so that while searching the podcast pop up
  • Promote podcasts on various channels with the right tags and keywords to attract prospects all over
  • Promote your brand in the video by sharing links so that prospects can immediately reach out to you
  • Conduct a Q & A session where you can engage with your prospect’s queries and bring them closer to you with every resolvement.

The Bottom Line…

‘’56% of companies have said they plan to increase their content marketing budget.’’

This is a great initiative since SEO would be a great mechanism to boost content amongst multiple target audiences. Living in 2019 with the market changing every day, how will you be able to find keywords which would push your article right in front of prospects more often?

The easy solution is through web scraping. With web scraping you can easily scrape websites, other sources of information and even your competitors to find out which keywords are often typed by prospects and implement that information in the content platform.

This is a great technique that can be backed up with secure support, proxy servers. With proxy servers available in the market, brands can identify which server would suit their system and continue conducting secure SEO keyword captures without any hassles.

‘’64% of B2B buyers report they would like to see content organized by industry on company websites’’ which means that it’s time you start building up your organic traffic via SEO to grab in valuable leads which will help grow your business towards a healthier path.  From creating podcasts to innovating selling techniques to capture leads attention quicker, SEO is a great mechanism to trigger lead capture activities in a more organic and genuine manner. 

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