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Top 10 Proxy FAQ’s for a smarter proxy analysis


The 2020 market has seen a good number of businesses especially in the B2B sector that deals with selling efficient proxy servers. 

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1 . What do you mean by a proxy service?

2. Top 10 Proxy FAQ’s for a smarter proxy analysis 

Proxy services are a great solution when it comes to indulging in the online world with reference to data. With the online crime increasing in numbers, many online activities have applied a rigid solution to safeguarding their online data. Due to this, many other businesses who are depending on such valuable data miss out of them because of the restriction to access it

Data is what thrives a business to perform better when assisting the prospect’s needs and when you close the doors to that, here is when a proxy service can help you with its presence. 

What do you mean by a proxy service?

Proxy services function as a mediator for a user and the website they want to access. 

A user wants to access a piece of information. A request is sent to view the website Before the request  can reach the website it passes through the proxy server. The proxy services changes the user’s IP address and then sends the request to the website.   

So when the website approves of your request the information is again passed through the proxy services who ensures that the data is risk-free and once everything looks good the information will be sent to you so that you can view it.

The main reason why websites or sources get blocked from viewing unauthorized access information is due to the IP address giving out your place of location. What a proxy service does is it eliminates that issue and hides your IP address so that your identity is never revealed. 

For instance, say you want to access information from a website that is only showcasing its content for users in its own country, so what a proxy server will do is it will change your IP address and showcase it as if you are a user of their country. Once the website realizes that its user, you get complete access to that information.

Proxy services are multiple in the market which is exactly why many beginners like you are hesitant to decide whether it can help you conduct a secure and efficient online activity regularly. Keeping this in mind, this article has been curated to answer all your common queries about proxy servers so that you are completely satisfied before making your proxy purchases

Top 10 Proxy FAQ’s for a smarter proxy analysis 

Proxy FAQ’s

1. When to buy Private Proxies?

Private Proxies are recycled proxies and support bandwidth up to 100Mbps. These proxies are a great option if you would like to use them for personal purposes, browsing or to access generic websites.

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2. Are proxy services safe?

In general, proxy services are safe. Still, licit proxies sometimes get unreasonably marked as unsafe by certain users. It depends on  which type of proxy you opt for because both private and free proxy service are available. Always go for Premium or Private proxies from a reliable provider so that you know your connection and data are always safe.

3. Can I use a proxy to bypass a virus blocking my internet access?

Sadly, no, it’s not possible to bypass an internet blocking virus through a proxy.

There are certain malware variants are capable enough to replace your browser’s configuration with their malicious server, modifying your DNS settings, and adding entries in the host files of your operating system.

As a result of which, you might face redirecting issues or get your internet connection blocked. Therefore, you will not be allowed to access any websites and download the software to reduce security infections, irrespective of what URL you enter in the address bar.

4. Why is online privacy important if I am not doing anything illegal?

When we talk about internet surfing, most of the users are unaware of the fact of how important online privacy is where your IP address is more like your digital fingerprint. Whichever site you access, you provide the server with your fingerprint. And this like all other digital traits can reveal your identity, organizational plans, and yours or your firm’s intellectual property.

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What you do online isn’t anyone else’s concern!

Therefore, you shouldn’t think twice about desiring to keep your privacy on the Internet. Also, no one wishes to be exposed to prying eyes. When you guard your online privacy with a private proxy service, you are shielding yourself from the increasing warning of hackers and cybercriminals. Our trust and reliance on the world wide web have provided these people more chances to prey on us, therefore, never compromise your online privacy.

There is a treasure of knowledge available online to be seen. Yet, studies have revealed that higher than 70% of Internet users reduced their online activities because of privacy issues not being solved. Therefore, it’s vital to preserve your online privacy while using the Internet. To begin with, you can commence using proxies for a better experience.

5. Is using a proxy server legal?

It’s completely legal to use a proxy service. Proxies have multiple uses, like facilitating remote work, establishing a support system for users who are placed outside a particular network, guarding networks and Internet users against wicked content, running online content from abroad, etc.

It is important to know that there are some situations during which using a proxy service is illicit. For instance, some websites stream content that is accessible by users who have paid for it. If they do not pay the license fees and try to access that particular content through a proxy service, this will be regarded as illegal.

6. What should I look for in a proxy provider?

Picking a proxy service you can rely on is not a complex task. Listed below are certain factors you need to examine before you choose one:

1 . Security and reliability

Security is on top of our list of criteria because this has been the primary reason why proxies exist at all. Proxies should provide security so that you can browse online without having to worry about someone else virtually watching over your shoulders.

Your private proxy service should also be reliable, which means that the service can be trusted and is available 24/7. Security and reliability can be partially assessed by going through the feedback or reviews of a particular proxy provider.

2. Speed

There is a minimal amount of trade-off with speed when you connect to a website through a proxy. This is because there is already a third party involved, thereby lengthening the connection process by milliseconds.

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3. Server location

The speed of connection is also dependent on the location of the proxy service. The nearer the proxy to the server of the webpage, the faster the connection will be. Also, there are websites that only allow IP addresses from certain countries. This is called geo-blocking or geo-restrictions, and this has been used by large companies such as Netflix, YouTube, CBS, NBA, and other popular video streaming platforms.

4. Customer service

The security, reliability, speed, and location of their servers will be all for nothing if the proxy provider’s customer service is poor. You won’t be able to get answers to your questions in a timely manner, or worse, you won’t get any answer at all.

Customer support is very important, especially because you will be dealing with some technical stuff when setting up the private proxies. Choose a proxy service provider that has decent customer service. A decent customer support replies to queries in a timely manner and has different ways by which customers can contact them.

7. What are proxies used for?

To begin with, a proxy service can be used for an array of applications, meeting your privacy requirements, access restricted content, or sustain safety when surfing the web. Faster data extraction and web scraping are further advantages of using proxies.

The uses or significance of proxies can be summarized as:

1 . The proxy services work well in keeping your IP address hidden, therefore securing it from unnecessary hackers or security issues.

2. You will be able to access services, applications, and websites that are blocked by geographical coordinates.

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3. The proxy services act as an invisible barrier. This means you are protected from active threats on the world wide web.

4. Used for social media marketing, web scraping, etc.


8. Will my assigned proxies stay the same month to month or will they change?

Your proxy IPs will remain the same unless you request to change them

9. Can I change the password to my proxies?

Yes, the password can be changed.

10. Why do proxy services brands offer so many IP addresses?

The ability to switch to a new IP address gives you better control over your web identity. If the proxy gets blocked, you can start a new browsing session anytime you like, by changing the proxy IP.

It also makes the service offered more reliable. If your IP is down, just connect to another one to avoid any service disruptions.

The Bottom Line…

Proxy services are a great tool when it comes to conducting efficient and secure activity online. Many brands today depend highly on it for many reasons such as data retrieval, prospect information and much more. Even many individuals depend highly on proxy services to conduct their online activities such as to conduct research and more.

We hope that the above proxy FAQs have resolved all your doubts. Always keep in mind that when you want to invest in a proxy services always lookout for a few things such as:

1 . It should be a paid proxy service

2. It should have a great security

3. The IP blocking is strong

4. The speed of its action should be quicker

Do you have some more doubts that you would like to clear? We would like to hear from you.

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