Customer Support

Proxy timeout / fail

When you're connected to our proxies, your network traffic flows from your computer through one of our servers to your destination, and the same way back. The distance itself shouldn't significantly affect your connection speed, but network congestion at any point can slow things down. Our servers are never the bottleneck. We monitor their performance and ensure that they have sufficient extra bandwidth and processing power even during peak times.

If your connection seems consistently slow, when connecting to different web sites, your ISP might have a slow connection to our server (possible intentionally). Try the following options to resolve the problem:

  • Check your Monthly Quota. Monthly Quota: 500,000,000 MB
  • Test all the proxies to know if just a certain subnet are slow.
  • Check if you are not doing more than 50 concurrent connections.
  • If after all you keep having a slow connection report the issue through a ticket or via live chat.