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With the manifestation of World Wide Web, the world of computers has undergone a change. One of the major change which is followed till date was the introduction of the concept of proxies and the premium proxy service to mankind. As suggested by the name itself, proxies or proxy server is an intermediary that establishes and maintains a connection between the web and us. Now a days these proxy servers are quite useful because they reduce the time taken for loading a webpage, gives us access to many blocked sites.

5 reasons you should use premium proxy service

1 . Speed

2. Maintains your anonymity

3. Does not crash easily

4. Provides security against malware

5. Reliability

The proxy servers work as a middleman, it takes the request from the client server, processes it and checks whether the requested URL is stored in its cache memory or not. If it is stored it returns the result. However if the requested URL is new, it will forward the request to the internet, establishing the link. Proxies allow you to get linked with those web pages that have authorization procedures and block certain group of users

uses of Premium Proxy Service

  • In the absence of a proxy server, you device will have to crack the firewall protection of the websites and that reduces the speed. But use of proxy servers reduces these unwanted events and increases the searching speed by bypassing the firewall.
  • You will be able to access services, applications and websites that are blocked by geographical coordinates.
  • The proxy servers act as an invisible barrier. This means you are protected from active threats on the world wide web

Earlier, people or organisation used free proxies. They didn’t have to pay any sum for the proxies and moreover the free proxies were easy to handle. However with increasing users, the bandwidth of these free proxy service reduced which reduces the speed. Hence it fails to produce high speed internet browsing. Some of the disadvantages clients all over the world faced are listed below.

  • Due to the free service, the number of users connected to a single proxy server was relatively high say 1000 users being connected to 1 proxy server. Now that reduced the speed in an abrupt manner. Hence the pages or the websites took quite a lot of time to get loaded.
  • Most of the free proxies are managed by anonymous sources. As a result people weren’t sure whether their privacy was at all maintained or not. Sometimes the proxy server used to keep a track of their requests neglecting the privacy policies.
  • Some free proxies were infested with virus or other malware that started to corrupt the files and to some extent even the operating system. Sometimes through these viruses or corrupted files, hackers could hack the files, documents and even  passwords and other private documents.

As these issues and many more were encountered by people, eventually this paved the way for premium proxies or paid proxies. Now a days lot of people or organisations are getting inclined to such proxies. They are developed by trusted providers and hence much more consistent than the free proxy services.

Reasons to use premium proxies over free proxies


Premium proxy assigns a unique IP address to your computer which will be dedicated. The individuality of the IP address maintains your speed since you will not be sharing your proxy server with anyone else.


The premium proxy provides you a guarantee of keeping your IP address hidden and hence allows you to have access to geo-restricted websites from places like educational institutions or even from offices. It is not transparent like the free proxies. Accessing the web page with an unknown IP address is only possible using the Premium proxy services since they guaranteed about maintaining the anonymity.


Unlike the free proxy servers, these premium servers does not crash or shut down. No question of getting disconnected from the internet arises because the servers are maintained trusted companies and hence they are not going to just shut their system and make the server go down.


As they are properly designed by experts, they are made to protect your machine as well as your OS against any malware. Hence you can breathe a sigh of relief since you are well protected. As these are dedicated proxies, it prevents you from using the same proxy server as of a hacker which is one of the biggest security concerns of free proxy users.


Unlike the free proxy servers, these are much more reliable and efficient in its function.

So Premium proxies are quite trustworthy and make your job run perfectly smooth. They are true in providing much easier and simpler service and also the use of premium proxy server saves you from the unnecessary headaches of going through an entire list of public proxy server.

When you will be using a private or premium proxy service, you will have the sole control over its authentication. The provider will give you the proxy IP address and depending upon the authentication type, you will get username and password as well so that you can start working with the proxy.

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