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Better Nike Bot and BNB AIO Review


The next limited edition Nike shoe can be yours right now.

True hard to believe?

Well, let’s explain how we are so confident about that?

Ever heard of sneaker bots?

Sneaker bots can increase your chances to get that limited edition shoe you always wanted.

Don’t worry there are no risks attached as conducting such an action will always have a security measure in hand.

Well, there are two types of sneaker bots which you will learn today, they are considered to be the best Nike sneaker bot and well you see learning about them can help you towards getting the next Nike limited shoe.

What can you expect in this article?

1 . Meaning of sneaker bots

2. Benefits of sneaker bots

3. What is BNB and BNB AIO?

4. Features of BNB and BNB AIO

5. The strategy of using BNB

6. How to set up sneaker activity on BNB?

7. How proxies can enhance BNB action?

Great then, let’s get you on board.

Meaning of Sneaker bots

Sneaker bots automate your checkout process on your behalf. 

Now have you noticed that when you wait for the limited edition stock, suddenly when you just add it in the cart, it is already sold out?

This happens because just like you there are other users who are making use of sneaker bots to conduct their checkout process.

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It is easier and much faster.

 It will look like several others are conducting the action of buying when instead it is one person doing it.

Sneaker bots have grown popular because limited editions are too hard to get and while some use it to get the product, others look at it for the purpose of reselling it again.

Let’s get to understanding why you need to have sneaker bots in your life.

Benefits of sneaker bots

1. No waiting in long queues

Yes, you no longer have to wait your turn for the limited edition stock. The minute your stock is available, the sneaker bots will conduct the checkout process much quicker than you would. This eliminates your chances of having to wait for long queues and instead invest in a bot that can conduct the checkout process way quicker than the other buyers.

2. Increase the chances of getting the product

There is no assurity that you will get the product, but the chances of your getting it is high. Sneaker bots with its fast action can give you the opportunity to get that Nike shoe and that is better than having a lesser chance of having nothing.

It’s time for you to now move ahead to learn about how BNB and BNB AIO sneaker bots can help you better.

What is BNB and BNB AIO?

BNB stands for Better Nike Bot and is the higher version among the other bots.

It has four products under its name which are Better Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot- Ultimate, Better Nike Bot all in one, and Better Nike Bot all in one – Ultimate. 

It is expensive but the service it offers is worth its presence. 

The ultimate BNB bot offers tons of great advantages such as free updates for one whole year, allowing multiple PCs to run the bot and more. 

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BNB works for all Nike stores across the globe except for China. It supports SNKRS apps and draws. 

All BNB bots are well functional with Windows users and for Mac users, you will have to install a WIN emulator when using this bot.

BNB AIO is the same as BNB except it works on multiple websites. 

The BNB AIO version supports Footsites, Supreme, Bape, Yeezy Supply, and many more. 

Let’s get in deeper to understand these bots better.

Features of BNB and BNB AIO


1. Keyword monitor

This is one great feature that lets you purchase when surprise limited-edition drops. 

2. Checkout tool

BNB offers quicker checkout tools that don’t use a browser.

3. SNKRS Calendar

Gives you insights on any SNKRS releases and gives you the option to choose from any sneaker model, colour or style. You can get started with a SNKRS task without much hassle. 


1. Captcha solvers

The captcha solvers action is conducted either manually or automatically so that the bot won’t be stuck or stopped with a captcha request.

2. Bulk task editor

This editor feature helps you to manage multiple tasks via multiple platforms or websites in a simpler manner.

3. Keyword finder

This feature can help you do more with surprise limited-edition drops. 

BNB is conducted in a certain manner, the strategy which is being used will help you understand its function better. 

The strategy of using BNB

There are three types of Nike, one is FLOW which is first come first serve, second is LEO where you can enter as many accounts as you can, and where a regular drop is in 2-3 minutes. Lastly, there is DAN where you can enter multiple accounts like a raffle where the drop is 10-30 minutes.

The strategy works like this:

If the release is a flow type, then you have to stand first in the queue immediately. If the release is an LEO or DAN your chances of entering multiple accounts are higher. You have a choice between speed and big task numbers

So how can you put it to good use?

How to set up sneaker activity on BNB?

You can get started to create a simple SNKRS task by clicking on a row in the calendar and adding the task. In case if you’re doing this manually, then need to first identify the style code so that you can enter the same in the style code field. 

While BNB is great in what it offers, it does require security because if brands realize that such sneaker bots are on their website, there are chances of them getting blocked.

How proxies can enhance BNB action?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between an individual who wants to access a restricted website and that website itself.

Say, for instance, you want to access some website but it’s not reflecting since your location has been blocked, what you would do is send a request to access that website, but instead of that website receiving that request, the proxy server will receive it. It will change your IP address and then send the request to that website. 

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When the website sees that the IP address is of the location they are granting the access to view, they will approve and the approval will be received first by the proxy server and then to you.

Proxy servers ensure that your IP address will be hidden so that there are no chances of you getting blocked at all.

With a proxy server, you can hide the BNB bots and use a different proxy whenever you conduct your tasks. This will make your actions more secure and better. 

The Bottom Line…

BNB and BNB AIO are great sneaker bots for you to get started.

Let’s have a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:

1. Sneaker bots automate your checkout process on your behalf. 

2. Benefits of sneaker bots are no waiting in long queues and more

3. Features of BNB and BNB AIO are keyword finder and more

4. We also covered the strategy of using BNB such flow and more

5. We also covered how to set up BNB for sneaker activities

With a proxy server, you can hide the BNB bots and use a different proxy whenever you conduct your tasks. This will make your actions more secure and better. 

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