How to Make Money On Twitch – The Ultimate Guide


Step By Step Guide To Make Money On Twitch

Many people want to live in a world of virtual gaming. Gaming always gets a time slot in their regular lifestyle regardless of the pressure they are going through. However, not all games can be termed as “time-wasting elements” as there are few by which you can actually make a decent amount of money while straining your eyes in front of the screen for hours. For example, you can make money on Twitch. Here you can showcase your gaming talent in front of 100 million of global users and can earn handsome money at the same time.

How to Make Money On Twitch

Step-1: Open a twitch account

Step-2: Choose a proper game

Step-3: Interaction with viewers

Step-4: Apply for Advertisements

Step-5: Become a Sponsor

Step-6: Join in Twitch partner program

Step-7: Go for Donations

Well, before discussing further the overall process on how to use twitch as an earning hub, let’s first get to know about the game first. Twitch, is an online platform that gives chance to amateur and experienced gamers to showcase their gaming skills to the whole world. There are many gamers that have been part of Twitch since years and are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Twitch, has almost 100 million viewers live on its portal on a real-time basis.

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There are a lot of things that you need to address first before starting to make a decent income. So, we bring you the crucial step by step process that will help you to reach pro-level from being an amateur. Make sure, you fulfill all the criteria as mentioned on these steps and try not to skip, as you may find difficult to trace back any error by avoiding it.

Step-1: Open a twitch account

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To make money on twitch, First and foremost, you must open a twitch account with your login details. Now, don’t hesitate while signing up for a premium version. You can get some of the extra benefits like sponsors, paid fans to chat, etc., if you go for a premium subscription. (Note: If you have been broadcasting live gaming videos on YouTube, then no need to panic on how to transfer all your recorded videos to Twitch, without copyrights issue. Due to some internal agreement, you can transfer your account to Twitch, without any hassle. Only those things will be allowed that are permitted as per Twitch agreement policy) Now, to shift your YouTube account to Twitch, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. More than 15,000 views on your gaming broadcasted videos.
  2. You must have more than 100,000 subscribers.
  3. Your content must comply with the Twitch terms of service and DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Step-2: Choose a proper game

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Now, there are already many gamers in Twitch that have their own fan base and sponsors that pay them, to try their newly launched game and promote it for purchase. In such a situation, it will be difficult for you to gather a large number of subscribers in less time. To counter this, it’s better you go for those games that are less popular and are in less demand. This step might seem slow but to stay in Twitch for the long run, you have to start from scratch. These small games will bring you a decent amount of subscribers and then, subsequently, your subscriber’s numbers will start to increase. (Note- If you want to attract more viewers from all around the globe, there are many gaming proxies available through which viewers from different countries can watch your live stream/ uploaded videos. For starters, you can try Lime Proxies, a world-class genuine proxy server with high-speed internet and fast service, 24/7 ready for service and provides a net speed of above 100 Mbps with 40+ locations.

Step-3: Interaction with viewers

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You cannot earn a fan base without making communication with them. There is an option of chat, near the gaming area on your screen. Make sure, you respond to your viewer’s request and suggestions so that they feel included in your quest of winning the game. This particular technique can give you loyal fans and you will see, the number of loyal fans growing. So why to play games alone, when you can include your own “gaming family” in your journey.

Step-4: Apply for Advertisements

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After getting a decent amount of popularity on Twitch, you will be eligible to put ads between your games. These ads will be given to you by Twitch and the earning you made through that will be equally shared between you and Twitch. The payment will be processed by Twitch to your respective PayPal account. If you place ads of any game and the viewer clicks on it, you can expect a good cut from it. Also, Twitch is owned by Amazon, so there will be many ads, directly linked to Amazon game purchase. Choose your Ads wisely, as the correct one can make you earn in thousands of dollars. (Note: If you place your ad before or between the streaming video, there is a greater probability that they will turn off or walk away. Nobody likes to get interrupted by some silly ads (not for all, but for some) in between thrilling moments during streaming videos. So, better place it at the end of the video and don’t worry, your loyal fans will stay around to watch your ad)

Step-5: Become a Sponsor

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After establishing yourself strongly, you will be having a large number of subscribers and viewers. As you become more and more popular across the platform, you will be selected among the few, for sponsoring newly launched games in the market. The gaming company will offer you a good amount of money to play this game on your broadcasting channel and promote them to your viewers. (Note: you will be astonished by the number of gaming companies approaching you, so if such situation arises, hire a personal assistant for your financial handling). You don’t want to get dragged into any kind of tax dilemmas, so better hire a financial consultant to handle the accounts part. The earnings will be really high, that’s why it is suggested to takes this particular step seriously)

Step-6: Join in Twitch partner program

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Now, this is something that is a jackpot for gamers. The moment you get popular and attract a large number of viewers to your channel, you will be offered a “Twitch partner program”. Under this program, you will be given the right to convert your viewers into subscribers. Now, you will get a handsome amount of money for just getting subscribers but that amount will be equally divided between the broadcaster and Twitch. You will earn money, irrespective of the scenario where your subscribers don’t even watch your video. You can also start your marketing campaign such as custom made merchandise offers and many more, to grow your income. At this stage, you are permitted by Twitch to showcase your marketing campaign on your videos.

Your subscribers too can reach out to you directly as they can chat with you in private, gets full access to your video archives and a whole new range of emoticons to use while viewing your videos. They just have to subscribe your channel and pay 5$ per month to avail these facilities.

Requirements for the broadcaster for Twitch partner program:-

  1. Getting regular viewership of 500+ people on your videos.
  2. Frequently uploading and live streaming gaming videos, at least 3 times a week.
  3. Showcase content that is acceptable under the guidelines of Twitch’s terms of service and DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act.)

It is the ultimate dream for every broadcaster on twitch to enroll themselves in a Twitch partner program. So, if you get a chance, grab it tightly.

Well, this is a strange step but it’s up to you, to follow it or not.

Step-7: Go for Donations

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If you are up for it, you can ask for a donation for your viewers. You just need to add alert notifications and broadcast live so that you can show to them about the number of donations you are getting. Try to be generous, polite and funny so that viewers will find you more like a relaxed personality and thus, more donations. You can also make a formal announcement about the “Donations of the day” or “The donator of the week” to acknowledge their help and support. These kinds of activities will most probably prompt your viewers to donate more. You can create a special place on your channel for the donators, to make them feel special. You could also mention the set goals that you need to achieve. Twitch shows your current standing in a special graph, that also resembles your financial strength. As the donations are made, your standing will increase in the graph. This will make your viewers attach to your goals as their own.


These are the few steps that are essential in getting a complete success on Twitch. Now, these steps have their unique value and can be achieved only after reaching a certain position on the popularity level in Twitch. So don’t try to overdo anything, follow your passion, positive instincts and these above-mentioned steps to earn money through Twitch.

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